Nintendo Wii Becomes 1 Year Old.

19th November Wii the next generation console becomes 1 year old and unfortunately most of us forgotten about it.

Wii Cake Despite the fact that we all made fun of this poor console when its name was announced it has become most successful console in the history of gaming consoles.

Nintendo Wii has out sold its rivals Xbox 360 and Ps3. One of the major reason for being so successful console is its Controllers other then that since most of the games are plain simple and fun playing Wii is attracting more and more buyers. Many hard core gamers fear that Wii might ruin the fun of gaming as it might kill the need of Conventional games as more and more people are being attracted towards casual games. Any ways its a celebration time though we are not invited in the party we still wish a very Happy Birthday to Nintendo Wii.

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