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NBA Hang Time Cheats for Nintendo 64

NBA Hang Time Nintendo 64
Genre Sports
Platform Nintendo 64
No. of Players 1-4
ESRB esrb e

Stop Team Fire
When your opponents get team fire they have 25 seconds to be on fire. The only way to eliminate the 25 seconds to do an alley-oop or a double dunk.

Super Player
Get On Fire and sink a three pointer from anywhere on the screen. After this has been done you will have Max Blocking, Max Stealing, Max Power, Max Speed and Goal Tending allowed.

Mortal Kombat Cameo
At the name screen, enter either "Kombat" or "Mortal" and then type in 0004 as the PIN. You can now play as Boon or Tobias from Mortal Kombat.

Easy Three-Point Shots
If youre shooting from the three point line, pause the game for three seconds while the ball is half way to the basket. This should make almost all of your shots go in.

Put Any Player On Any Team
At the enter name screen put in any NBA players name, then enter the pin number 0000. That person will be on every NBA team. He also has hidden attributes and is usually better than everyone else. You must put this code in every time you start a new game.

This code does not work with Jordan and Shaq.

Rebound Shot
When you get a rebound beside your basket press the shot button and put it back up. You will usually make this shot every time.

Rodmans Hair Color
When you select your team go to the Chicago Bulls. Get Rodman up on the screen, then press C-Right to change his hair color.

Red, White and Blue Ball
At the tonights matchup screen hold right and press Shoot, Turbo, Pass.

Random Team Select
At the team selection screen, hold Turbo
and press Up
. The teams will quickly scroll by and then stop on a random selection. You can then proceed to select the player(s) you wish to play with.

Hidden Players
To activate a player, enter name code and PIN number at "Enter Name" menu.

Code PIN# Player
AHRDWY 0000 Anfernee Hardaway AMRICH 2020 Dan Amrich BARDO 6000 Stephen Bardo CARLOS 1010 Carlos Pesina CLIFFR 0000 Cliff Robinson DANIEL 0604 Antonio Daniels DANR 0000 Dan Roan DAVIDR 0000 David Robinson DIVITA 0201 Sal Divita DREAM 0000 Hakeem Olajuwon EDDIE 6213 Eddie Ferrier ELLIOT 0000 Sean Elliot EUGENE 6767 EWING 0000 Patrick Ewing FUNCOM 1993 picture of development team GHILL 0000 Grant Hill GLENR 0000 Glen Rice HGRANT 0000 Horace Grant JAMIE 1000 Jamie Rivett JAPPLE 6660 JASON 0729 JC 0000 John Carlton JIGGET 1010 JFER 0503 Jennifer Hendrick JONHEY 6000 Jon Hey JONSN 0000 Larry Johnson KEMP 0000 Shawn Kemp KIDD 0000 Jason Kidd KOMBAT 0004 Ed Boon (Mortal Kombat programmer) MALONE 0000 Karl Malone MARIUS 1003 MARTY 1010 Marty Conlon MDOC 2099 Intro Rapper MEDNIK 6000 MILLER 0000 Reggie Miller MINIFE 6000 MORRIS 6000 Air Morris MORTAL 0004 John Tobias (Mortal Kombat programmer) MOTUMB 0000 Dikembe Mutombo MOURNI 0000 Alonzo Mourning MUNDAY 5432 Larry Munday MURSAN 0000 Gheorghe Muresan MXV 1014 Vinikour NFUNK 0101 Neil Funk (Announcer) NICK 7000 Nick Ehrlich NOBUD 1010 NORTH 5050 PATF 2000 Patrick Fitzgerald PERRY 3500 Elliot Perry PIPPEN 0000 Scotty Pippen QUIN 0330 Kevin Quin RICE 0000 Glen Rice RODMAN 0000 Dennis Rodman ROOT 6000 John Root SHAWN 0123 Shawn Liptak SMITS 0000 Rik Smits SNO 0103 Sheridan Oursler STACKH 0000 Jerry Stackhouse STARKS 0000 John Starks TURMEL 0322 Mark Turmell WEBB 0000 Spud Webb WEBBER 0000 Chris Webber
(Note: Players with null PIN numbers, 0000, can be duplicated. So two copies can play on the same team.)

Cheat Codes
To activate a cheat, enter its code at "Match-up" screen. A button controls hundreds place, down-C controls tens place, and right-C controls the ones place.

For example, to enter the cheat for unlimited turbo (461), you would push A four times, down-C six times, and right-C once.

Better blocking -- 616 Better speed -- 284 Display shot percentage -- 000 Full speed -- 084 Goal tending -- 937 Hyper speed -- 552 More power -- 802 More steals -- 709 No codes allowed -- 610 No CPU assistance -- 300 No music -- 048 No pushing -- 390 Outdoor court -- 640 Quick passes -- 120 Rooftop court -- 700 Stealth Turbo -- 273 Tiny players -- 025 Tournament mode -- 111 Unlimited turbo -- 461

Cheat Codes button sequence
To activate a cheat, enter its key sequence at "Tonights Match-up" screen as teams are being announced. (A flashing code box confirms correct entry.)

Big heads -- hold d-pad Up and press Turbo + Pass

Display shot percentage -- starting Up, rotate d-pad clockwise

Huge heads -- press d-pad Up (x2), Pass, Turbo

No CPU assistance -- hold d-pad Right and press Pass (x2)

No drifting -- press d-pad Down (x2), Shoot, Turbo

No tag arrow -- press d-pad Left (x2), Pass, Turbo

Rooftop court -- hold d-pad Left and press Turbo (x2)

Turbo ABA ball -- hold d-pad Right and press Shoot, Turbo, Pass

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