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Mega Man X2 Cheats for Super NES

Mega Man X2 Super NES
Genre Action
Platform Super NES
No. of Players 1
ESRB esrb k-a

Dont Fight Zero
Heres a little tip: If you can find all of Zeros parts,you wont have to fight him before Sigma.A silver Zero aill appear with Sigma,but will soon be destroyed by the real Zero.

Dragon Punch
To reach the Dragon Punch, you must have all Heart Tanks, power ups, and Sub-Tanks. When you reach the two ladders, one unreachable. Lead the bats to the ladder and crystalize them to reach the top ladder. Then use Speed Burner on the first set of spikes and air-dash between the next spikes.

Go to another set of spikes. Charge up Speed Burner again and air-dash the first set and drop to second set and Speed Burner to the left to reach the 1-Up. It may take several tries, but youll make it. Slide down the left wall and youll find the Dragon Punch capsule. You MUST have a full energy meter to get this capsule.

To execute the Dragon Punch, press Forward, Down, and Down-Forward and the fire button.

To start on the third X-hunter stage, enter the password:

1462 3327 6482 3242

Start with all Bosses Defeated
If you enter this code you will start with all bosses defeated, 2 sub tanks, 1 of Zeros parts, and all the upgrades.

3467 8843 3528 7651

Final Sigma Stage
Enter this code to get to the final Sigma stage with all secrets, armor, hearts, etc... 8377 8643 6868 7651

Energy Refill
At the second wall of dirt in the Overdrive Ostrich stage, use the Spin Wheel weapon to get through the wall. Go to the end of the wall to find an energy refill.

Hint: Double Blaster Shot
When you get the blaster upgrade, charge up to purple. Fire your shot, but don’t fire the second shot. Get hit by an enemy. As soon as you get hit, press Y and hold it down. You will be able to charge up another shot, and fire your second shot from the original charged shot after that.

Hint - Heart Container Overdive Ostrich
Without the speed burner and x-buster upgrade, you can get the heart container in OOs stage. Ive done it, so I know it works. After you crash your bike on the machine that makes the sand storm, go ahead a little and knock down all the small pillars before the structure at the top of the cliff.
After that, go back and get the bike again. While on the bike, if you hit the dash button right before one of the ramps created by the knocked over pillars, youll get some serious air. Do this dash on the last ramp and you can make it up to the top of the cliff. If you knocked down all of the small pillars before the structure at the top of the cliff, you can keep your bike.
When you arrive at the structure, there is a hole that you can get over by dashing while still on the slanted part. Do this and go straight until you land on the platform with spikes. Go across the platform on the bike and turn at the last second before you crash into the wall of spikes. This will get you the heart container with a bit of skill and luck, instead of needing the Speed Burner and the Xbuster and Leg Mods.

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