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11th Hour Cheats for PC

11th Hour PC
Genre Adventure
Platform PC
No. of Players 1
ESRB esrb m

Skip Introduction
To bypass the introduction sequence, type P, P at the monitor adjustment screen. Then right-click on the title screen when it appears.

Skip Discs Cheat
A the load screen (the one with the skull, type this case and space sensitive phrase: Roberto Dan R Zaphod B [Space]

After inputting the cheat, press the following to skip to a point in the game. A - End of first disk S - End of second disk D - End of third disk F - End of fourth disk E - Go to the Olive In Stein
riddle G - Go to the Lets Make A Real Deal

Hint: Unlock Puzzle Practice Mode
Clear the game to unlock an Open House saved game. If you load it, you can play any puzzle any number of times.

Easter Egg: Spaced Out Screen Saver
If you remain motionless long enough while playing, the game will activate a hidden screen saver.

Easter Egg: Hidden Video
Go to Duttons Room and get a very close up shot of the television in there. Enter Kellyn
for a snappy video.

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