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2002 FIFA World Cup Cheats for PC

2002 FIFA World Cup PC
Genre Sports
Platform PC
No. of Players 1-4
ESRB esrb e


2002 FIFA World Cup doesnt waste your time with a lot of fancy modes and window dressing. Youre here to win the World Cup. Period. This mini-guide seeks to help you do just that. Weve got offensive and defensive tips, our take on the most delightful squads, a U.S. roster what you get when you finally beat the Cup. Lets get the ball rolling...

This guide is free to registered IGN users, and there is also a downloadable PDF version of the guide for IGN Insiders.

Cheat Mode
NOTE: This involves editing a game file so create a backup before proceeding.

Locate the soccer.ini
file in your game directory and add the following lines of code into the file for the cheat. Dont forget you need to save the file as an .ini
file for the cheats to work.

Unlock all teams: CHEAT_UNLOCKED_TEAMS=1

Unlock all tournaments: UNLOCK_TOURNAMENT=1

Aggressive tackles on: AGGRESSIVE_TACKLE_CHEAT=1

Equalize team stats: CHEAT_EQUAL_TEAM_STATS=0

CPU randomizes teams: CHEAT_RANDOM_TEAMS=1 CPU

Go into Demoplay: DEMO_MODE=1

Play game in O/S Window: WINDOWED=1

Unlock All-World Team (World Cup Mode)
Win with every single team three times in world class mode without losing a single game.

Unlock New Teams
To unlock new teams, win the World Cup with teams from different regions:

All-Europe Team: Europe, Oceania
All-Americas Team: N. America, S. America
All-Africa Team: Africa
All-Asia Team: Asia
All-World Team: All regions

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