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Test Drive 5 Cheats for PC

Test Drive 5 PC
Genre Racing
Platform PC
No. of Players 1-6
ESRB esrb e

All Tracks
At the options screen type "Cup of Choice" to unlock all tracks.

Reverse Tracks
To reverse the direction of the race, type "That takes me back" on the Options screen.

Small Cars
For smaller cars, enter your name as "mjcim.rc" on the high score screen.

All Police Cars
To unlock all police cars go to the options screen, then type in "i carry a badge" You will hear a boom sound if you did it right.

Remote Breaking
At the options screen type "remote braking". This will then stop all opponents when your horn is sounded.

Unlock Cars and Tracks
To unlock all cars and tracks, type "I have the key" at the options menu.

When at the first options screen, type in "lone crusader in a dangerous world". make sure you space in between each word. this will give you nitro boost, just honk your horn.

All cup races
At the main screen go to options. Then at the first options screen type: cup of choice. You will hear a sound and all cup races will be able to be picked.

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