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The Sims 2: Nightlife Cheats for PC

The Sims 2: Nightlife PC
Genre Simulation
Platform PC
No. of Players 1
ESRB esrb t

Most codes must be entered while a family is active (meaning the code must be entered while youre watching them). Simply bring up the cheat line at the top of the screen by pressing CTRL + SHIFT + C simultaneously.

All codes ignore capitalisation (theyll work even if Caps Lock is on). Any string or value in brackets are choices, or non-specific. All codes here have been tested and verified true for Nightlife; they may or may not work if you dont have this expansion installed.

... Displays these cheats, and a few other cheats not covered here. The ones not listed here are mostly related to visual effects, performance, or debug modes; not gameplay. Use them at your own risk.

aging [on/off]
... Enables or disables Sims aging.

aspirationlevel [integer 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5]
... Sets the active Sim to this Aspiration Level.

autopatch [-on/-off]
... When this cheat is active, the game will automatically check for a patch if you open the content browser and connect to

changelotzoning [type]
... Changes the selected lot to either residental, commercial, greek, dorm, or secret society. The type must be spelled right to be accepted; the last three are only good for universities. This code must be used on the neighborhood screen.

... This code will delete ALL SIMS from your current neighborhood. This code is irreversible, so use it with extreme caution. This code must be entered from the neighborhood screen.

... Closes the cheat console.

... Expands or contracts the cheat console.

faceblendlimits [-on/-off]
... Normally theres a limit to the facial structure of kids when they are created based on the DNA of their parents. This cheat toggles whether those limits are in place or removed.

familyfunds [family last name] [integer]
... Directly changes the given familys account to the specified number. For example, entering "familyfunds Falkon 12000" (without quotes) changes the Falkon familys funds to $12,000, no matter how much they had in the first place.

familyfunds [family last name] [+/-][integer]
... Similar to the above code, this one will add or subtract the specified number to or from the amount the family currently has.

... Adds $1000 to the familys funds.

... Completely fills seven of the eight need bars (the Environment bar is excepted).

... Adds $50000 to the familys funds.

motivedecay [on/off]
... Freezes the need bars. The bars will not decay, but the bars will not raise either.

moveobjects [on/off]
... Allows you to move and delete objects you normally cant, including Sims. Deleting the mailbox or a family member will cause MAJOR problems, so dont do it.

roofslopeangle [integer 15 through 75]
... Changes the angle of the roof to specified number degrees.

showheadlines [on/off]
... Toggles whether chat, emotion, and other balloons appear over Sims heads.

terraintype [type]
... Changes the neighborhood terrain to temperate, desert, dirt, or concrete. The type must be spelled right to be accepted. If this code is entered from a lot, the terrain change not take effect until the lot is exited and youre back to the neighborhood screen.

... Unlocks all career aspiration rewards for the current Sim. They can still only be placed once each, but the code can be re-entered to unlock them again.

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