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Theme Park Cheats for PC

Theme Park PC
Genre Simulation
Platform PC
No. of Players 1
ESRB esrb k-a

Build on Shops
First, get or build a shop. Then if you need a toilet or another attraction right with the shop but no room, right click on a spot (not the entrance) and it will delete that part of the building, but it looks the same. Then put the toilet or attraction, even a shop there. It might look like its not there, but it is.

Debug Mode
For a cool $50,000, enter your nickname as "HORZA" and start a new park. The next time youre asked for your nickname, enter it as "HORZA". From here on you can get $50,000 by pressing Ctrl-C. Also, you can hit Shift-Z for all scenery. Ctrl-Z for all the rides, and Alt-Z for all the shops.

Mega Park
For a megapark, enter your nickname as "DEMO", then continue. This will load up a Megapark with most of the rides but a few problems for you to fix

Make guests buy more drinks
To get more people to buy drinks just increase the salt in the pommes fries

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