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Game Details

Timeslaughter Cheats for PC

Timeslaughter PC
Genre Fighting
Platform PC
No. of Players

Cheat Codes
To enable cheat mode, start the game with the command "ts midgetpower" then press any of the keys below while playing.

Keypress Message Action
CTRL-A Offscreen ON/OFF toggles Clipping ON/OFF CTRL-Z Tilt ON/OFF toggles tilt screen ON/OFF CTRL-E Death Mode ON/OFF ? CTRL-R Regions ON/OFF Character moves are censored with plain regions CTRL-T Time ON/OFF Toggles Time ON/OFF CTRL-Y / Shows lots of info about things CTRL-U Spin ON/OFF spins the screen CTRL-I Status ON/OFF hides/displays status bars CTRL-O Strobe ON/OFF toggels strobe effect ON/OFF CTRL-P Game Paused Pauses/Upauses the game CTRL-Q Air Moves ON/OFF Enables/Disables you to do moves in mid-air CTRL-S Super Moves ON/OFF ? CTRL-D Dark ON/OFF Hides/Displays background graphics CTRL-F Fatality ON ? CTRL-H Teleport ON/OFF toggles character teleports CTRL-K Kill !!! One hit kills your oponent CTRL-L Heads ON/OFF ? CTRL-W Zoom ON/OFF ? CTRL-X Suction ON/OFF ? CTRL-V VScroll ON/OFF toggles Vscroll ON/OFF CTRL-B Bloodier Even more blood CTRL-N Combo Words ON/OFF toggles messages ON/OFF when you perform a combo CTRL-, Fast P1 ON/OFF ? CTRL-; Fast P2 ON/OFF ? CTRL-= Shot Taken creates screenshot in file Shot???.raw

Moves List
MOJUMBO ~~~~~~~ Fireball Flambe: Down, Down-Towards, Towards + Punch Chubunga Tripper: Down-Away, Down, Down-Towards + Kick Human Meat Roll: Charge Backward, Press Forward + Punch Cannibal Flame: Toward, Down, Down-Towards + Punch Spinning Flesh Sizzler: Down, Down, Down + Punch SLAUGHTER MOVE: Towards, Away, Towards + Punch JINSOKU ~~~~~~~ Nekuya Blade: Down, Down-Away, Away + Punch Blind mans Nodokiu: Towards, Down, Down-Towards + Punch Gintsu: Charge Away, Press Forward + Punch Yell of the Mtn Gods: Towards, Towards + Punch Speedy Snow Blade Trash:Press Punch a lot SLAUGHTER MOVE: Down, Down, Down + Punch SAVAGE ~~~~~~ Atomic Smash: Towards, Down, Down-Towards + Punch Get the Flick Off: Down, Down + Punch Tourette Shaker: Charge Backwards, Press Forwards + Punch Profanity Pummel: Away, Away, Forward Spasm Punch: Down, Down-Towards, Towards + Punch SLAUGHER MOVE: Down, Up PIERRE ~~~~~~ Stroke of Death: Charge Backwards, Press Forwards + Punch Kick de France: Down, Down-Away, Away + Kick Sacre Bleu: Down, Down-Towards, Towards + Kick Frenchy Flip: Toward, Toward or Away, Away SLAUGHTER MOVE: Charge Down-Towards, Away + Punch SPICE ~~~~~ High Heel Spin Kick: Down, Down-Away, Away + Kick Slut Floor Sping: Down-Away, Down, Down-Towards + Kick Limber Leap: Charge Away, Press Forward + Kick Super Ho: Away, Away, Forward + Kick SLAUGHTER MOVE: Away, Down, Down + Kick VLAD ~~~~ Myst Teleport: Down, Down-Away, Away + Punch Nosferatu Spin: Charge Away, Press Forward + Punch Charge Forward, Press Away + Punch SHEEP EATER ~~~~~~~~~~~ Down, Down-Towards, Towards + Punch Hypnostare: Towards, Towards + Punch SLAUGHTER MOVE: Away, Towards, Down + Punch ASYLUM ~~~~~~ Schizo Kick: Down, Down-Away, Away + Kick Psycho Spiral: Towards, Down, Down-Towards + Punch Loony Spin: Down, Down-Away, Away + Punch Crazy Dive: Down, Up + Punch Bouncy Ball: Down-Away, Towards + Kick Split Personality: Down, Down-Towards, Towards + Punch SLAUGHTER MOVE: Charge Away, Press Toward + Punch CHI ~~~ High Slithering Snake: Down, Down-Towards, Towards + Punch Low Slithering Snake: Down, Down-Towards, Towards + Kick Oriental Head Spin: Away, Down, Down-Towards + Punch Head Whipper: Press Punch a lot Mantis Claw: Charge Away, Press Towards + Punch Fortune Cookie Flip: Towards, Towards SLAUGHTER MOVE: Away, Away, Away + Punch UG ~~ Run Head Smash: Charge Away, Press Towards + Punch Big Ground Slap: Down, Down + Punch Igneus Velocity: Down, Down-Away, Away + Punch Clubba Clubba: Towards, Towards + Punch SLAUGHTER MOVE: Towards, Away, Away + Punch LAZARUS ~~~~~~~ Scottish Drop: Away, Down, Down-Away + Punch Broken Bottle: Down, Down-Towards, Towards + Punch Stranded Smacker: Charge Away, Press Towards + Punch Beard Whip: Down, Down-Away, Away + Punch SLAUGHTER MOVE: Down, Down-Towards, Towards + Kick

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