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Tom Clancys Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear: Black Thorn Cheats for PC

Tom Clancys Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear: Black Thorn PC
Genre Action
Platform PC
No. of Players 1-16
ESRB esrb m

Cheat List
Press RETURN to bring up the Chat Window and type the following codes: God Mode: avatargod Invisibility: theshadowknows 2D players: turnpunchkick Big chests when breathing: 1-900 Big hands and feet: clodhopper Big head mode: bignoggin Commit Suicide: death Debug keys activated: debugkeys Disable AI: nobrainer Fart mode: silentbutdeadly Map draw AI alertness colors: alertnessstatecolors Map draw AI aware colors: awarenessstatecolors Map draw AI behavior colors: behaviorcolors Map draw AI combat state colors: combatstatecolors Map draw AI normal colors: normalcolors Map draw AI panicked colors: panickedcolors Map draw AI plan colors: aiplancolors Map draw AI psychological state colors: psychstatecolors Map draw AI ROE colors: roestatecolors Map draw AI ROE speed colors: roespeedcolors Map draw AI threat awareness colors: threatawarenesscolors Map draw cover points: coverpoints Map draw level maps: levelmaps Map draw object walls: objectwalls Map draw obstacle walls: obstaclewalls Map draw path point links: pathpointlinks Map draw path points: pathpoints Map draw plan: drawplan Map draw test plan: testplan Mega Head Mode: meganoggin Monocle mode: monocle Refill Items: 5fingerdiscount stumpy: Stumpy Models Suicide: death Team God: teamgod Team Invisibility: teamshadow Turn Off Victory Conditions: explore Victory conditions: explore wounddeath Wounding shots kill

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