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True Crime: Streets of L.A. Cheats for PC

True Crime: Streets of L.A. PC
Genre Action Adventure
Platform PC
No. of Players 1
ESRB esrb m

Unlockable: Characters
Once unlocked, you must create a saved game with the correct license plate name to play as the unlocked character. Sandwich Guy Icons: 11th St. (Downtown on top of Staples Center) Santa Fe and 1st St On 6th St. between Grand and Hope 8 th St. Between Main and Spring St Grand St Between Olympic and 11th Melrose and El Centro Cherokee and Hollywood Blvd La Brea and De Longpre Sunset Blvd and Sweetzer Robertson Blvd and Santa Monica License Plate:
Call Of Duty Soldier Icons Wilshire and Veteran Kelton and Strathmore Landfair and Strathmore Weyburn and Broxton Manning and Pico National and Overland Clarington and Tabor Cardiff and Regent Bentley and Clover Boise and Venice License Plate:
Ayame Objective M3-G5 Knock out all enemies in Spa License Plate:
Rikimaru Objective M6-G2 Stealth kill all enemies License Plate:
Jeanette Objective M6-G4 Kill all zombies License Plate:
Taurus Objective M4-G7 Beat clock without damaging vehicle License Plate:
Officer Dick Objective M10-G6 Beat level without killing hostages License Plate:
Desperado Objective 100% Game complete, Get all Endings License Plate:
Snoop Dogg Pick all 30 Dogg Bones throughout the city. The first is located across from City Hall at 1st and Hill.

Unlockable: Weapons
Rocket Launcher: To the left of your start position in "Bank Standoff". Crossbow: In the middle of the map on "Chinatown Showdown" Baseball Bat: Back of the room in "Bum Encounter," near the refrigerator

Cheat: Skins
At the start of the game, for your License plate type in... J1MM: Zombie TATS: Glowing tattoo chick P1MP: Pimp HAWG: Biker Dude JASS: A donkey thats blindfolded & smoking MNKY: A bald dude with tattoos B1G1: That big black lady whos your boss ROSA: The chick partner HURT: M3 The chick partner in Lingerie TFAN: Fat black guy FATT: That old cop that talks the whole game PHAM: Dude all covered with blood HARA: Some dude BRUZ: Some boxer dude MRFU: Some pimped out lookin dude B00Z: (those are zeros, not Os) A chewy looking homeless guy 5WAT: (thats a five) A SWAT team dude FUZZ: Cop with Shades M1K3: Dude in a ski mask AWYEAH: Afro guy

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