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Game Details

Turkey Hunter Cheats for PC

Turkey Hunter PC
Genre Hunting
Platform PC
No. of Players

Cheat Codes
Enter these codes on the screen where you search for turkeys.

Code Effect
thweight Adds 5 lbs to the next turkey you kill thturkey thgobbler thhen thtom see big turkeys

Hunting Tips
There are a few things you should know in order to maximize your effectiveness when hunting turkeys.

Turkeys are extremely sensitive to sudden movements. If you move too quickly while a turkey is in view, theres a good chance youll spook him. Keep all movements to a minimum, and if you do have to move, move very slowly.

Use your turkey calls together, but do not overuse them. In order to fool turkeys, you must make a variety of sounds. This means using both your calls in combination. However, using the calls more than several times in quick succession may sound unnatural to the toms and cause them to become wary. Pique their interest with several calls in a row, then back off for a minute.

Be patient, but take a shot when you think you have a good chance of getting a hit. The turkeys are more likely to spot you the closer they get, so dont wait too long.

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