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Playboy: The Mansion Cheats for Playstation 2

Playboy: The Mansion Playstation 2
Genre Simulation
Platform Playstation 2
No. of Players 1
ESRB esrb m


To paraphrase the opening song of the game, what would you give to live in the Playboy Mansion for a year? Would you give up all your money? Your girlfriend or wife (presuming they wouldnt leave you anyway)? Could you give up your friends to be surrounded by the most gorgeous women on the planet?
Of course you could! And before that particular fantasy comes true, youll be able to practice Hefs lifestyle in Playboy: The Mansion. But as IGN Cube editor Juan Castro wrote, its not all just Buddies and Boobies; Hef has a Business to run. It can get a little complex, but we at IGN can handle anything Playboy can throw at us. And anything Playboy: The Mansion can throw at us.
In this guide, youll get information on how to successfully run the Playboy empire, along with a walkthrough to get you through the missions. Well have all the strategies youll need accompanied by plenty of helpful screenshots. With our help, youll be living the high life with few things distracting you from all the topless women!

Unlockable: Areas
There are a ton of things to unlock in Playboy: The Mansion, based on your various actions. This is the complete list of what to get and how to get it in Mission Mode. The requirements are different for Freeform Mode, but all items are still attainable no matter which mode you are playing.


– Unlocked after completing Mission 5. Grotto
– Unlocked after inviting the agent to the special party in Mission 4. Pool
– Unlocked after completing Mission 1.

Unlockable: Items
Brass Bed
– Upper floor only. Unlocked after completing Mission 9. Bunny Back
– Main or upper floor. Unlocked after completing Mission 3. Butt’r’fly
– Main floor only. Unlocked after holding the fundraiser for Operation Validation during Mission 5. Leg-O-Lamp
– Main or upper floor. Unlocked after doing an intimate action with a girl during Mission 3. Massage Table
– Upper floor only. Unlocked after publishing an issue during Mission 2. Michelangelo
– Main floor only. Unlocked after publishing the Playboy Philosophy during Mission 4. Obsession
– Upper floor only. Unlocked after finding Ken Willard during Mission 5. Olivia’s Hef
– Main floor only. Unlocked after completing Mission 4. Regency Chair
– Main or upper floor. Unlocked after completing Mission 8. Regency End Table
– Main or upper floor. Unlocked after completing Mission 6. Regency Rug
– Main floor only. Unlocked after completing Mission 11. Regency Sofa
– Main or upper floor. Unlocked after completing Mission 10. Trampoline
– Pool only. Unlocked after getting two girlfriends during Mission 3. Ultra Extreme Dance
– Clubhouse only. Unlocked after publishing Karmyn Chase on the cover during Mission 5.

Unlockable: Tools
Roster Character Editor
– Allows you to edit the name and appearance of all fictional staff members and celebrities. Note that ratings, specialties, and occupations cannot be edited. You also cannot edit anything about storyline people in Mission Mode, such as Scotty Powers or Ki Kji. Unlocked after completing Mission 2.

Unlockable: Outfits
Artsy Bunny Shirt
– Unlocked after cover shooting Karmyn Chase during Mission 5. Barely There Plus
– Unlocked after signing Carmen Electra to a contract during Mission 8. Leopard Flares
– Unlocked after holding the sexy Grotto party for your Playmates during Mission 7. Plaid Skirt
– Unlocked after holding the special parties for your staff, Playmates, and girlfriends during Mission 7. Playboy Mini
– Unlocked after getting a high romantic relationship between Markus Jacobski and any female during Mission 6. Retro Zip-Front
– Unlocked after forcing the two enemy staff members to make up during Mission 4. Shoulder Wrap
– Unlocked after getting a high romantic relationship between Karmyn Chase and Builder Paris during Mission 6. Stars ‘n’ Stripes
– Unlocked after inducing love between Wendy Bigmoney and Ciro Burrow during Mission 8. White Peek-a-Boo
– Unlocked after getting Penny Starks or Sandra Bellore as your girlfriend during Mission 8.

Hint: Making Parties Last
By removing all your doors to an enclosed area celebrities will have no choice but to listen to what ever you have to say. This means an easier way to get interviews, photo shoots, essays, ect. Just because theyre tired doesnt mean they wont do these things. Make sure you have enough money to get new doors installed if you what the party to end.

playboy:the mansion

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