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Darksiders Cheats for Playstation 3

Darksiders Playstation 3
Genre Action
Platform Playstation 3
No. of Players
ESRB esrb m


Unlockable: The Harvester

While in the game, you would need to hold your game by pressing pause button, once done select the game options. There, in those options, you would be abe to see Enter Code, select it and type in these words "The Hollow Lord" make sure you add them as mentioned as these are case sensitive. Once done go to Vulgrim, you will be able to buy the harvester under the weapons options. If you have at least 1000 (thousand) souls, you are set to buy it. If you have the harvester unlocked through some other way, then you can get it again without being charged, all you gotta do is enter the code by following the above mentioned procedure.

New Game and Bonus

Once you have successfully finished the game under your name, you would be able to gather 10 (ten) pieces of Abyssal Armor, which you can have fun with in your new game.

Hollow Lord Password

While playing the game, you would need to halt your game by pressing the pause button. Now get into the options menu, locate Enter Code option and enter "The Hollow Lord" password, if done successfully, it shall unlock the Harvester without spending any sould, cool trick eeh!


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