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Infamous Cheats for Playstation 3

Infamous Playstation 3
Genre Action
Platform Playstation 3
No. of Players
ESRB esrb 16+


Easy Electricity

If you are in urgent need of some electricity to beat your enemies and there is no resource available apparently, then what you can do is, look for an item which conducts electricity, it could be anything such as water, wet surface, metal etc. Now once you have found a conductor, all you have to do is use lightning bolt repeatedly and hold L2 and it shall create a reaction and create some electricity which you can use against enemies.

Train Sound Effect Glitch

This is more like a glitch than a hint or cheat. To hear this sound effect, go to a point where all trains or any single train is stationary. Find any stationary train, check if you are able to grind on ropes, now using your technique slide towards the front side of the train at maximum speed, it would be a lot better if the distance between you and train is greater as it gives you ability to slide longer and faster, once done successfully train shall whistle a horn as if its moving very fast towards you and trying to alert you of danger. This glitch won't work if you run towards the train.

Sly Cooper Logo

This is a simple find, if you pay some attention towards the backpack of Coles, you will be able to spot a Sly Cooper logo, and if you remember the name and logo, you will remember the Ps2 Era.

More Power

In order to regain your powers and health, you will have to move on to a passer by and lock on and then continuously press the Square. This act will make their powers to evaporate and penetrate in you, which shall give you more health and power.

Unlimited XP

Having Thunderstorm power, you will be able to kill and eradicate enemies pretty easily and quickly, this shall also help you score a massive amount of XP pretty abruptly. When once you acquire thunderstorm, you get to save 3 other electrical boxes, which you would need to restore you thunderstorm abilities. If you use thunderstorm and then die, you should either restart your mission or move away from the electrical box you are saving. This shall enable you to keep all the XP points which you earned.

Infamous GamePlay

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