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Silent Hill Cheats for Playstation

Silent Hill Playstation
Genre Adventure
Platform Playstation
No. of Players 1
ESRB esrb m

Extra Health Drinks in the Hospital
For three health drinks, search the wrecked Drink-Machine in the first floor of the hospital.

Zodiac Room Tip
In the room with the Zodiac Signs, click the digit according to the amount of limbs in the picture (from left to right; Sagitarrius:6, Taurus:4, Gemini:8).

Ending Bonuses
There are four endings to Silent Hill, each with its own set of bonuses.

BAD ENDING- Prizes: Gas tank, Chainsaw, Rock Drill.

The Gas tank is found in the gas station. It is used to power the other two prizes, but only one of the two weapons can be taken. The rock drill is in the room under the drawbridge control room. Its not very good.

The Chainsaw is in the smashed window of cut-rite chainsaws, and is a lot better than the rock drill. These two weapons are useful against slow ground enemies, but the hammer works better, and you dont need to beat the game to get it.

BAD+ ENDING- Prize: Katana.

This is found in the previously locked room in the Dog House on Levin Road. It WAILS any slow moving enemies, and you lunge forward with every stroke. Hold the circle button for an overhead blow, and tap twice for a double slash. You can perform a 3-hit combo by holding the circle for the first hit, then rapidly pressing it.

GOOD ENDING- Prize: Hyperblaster

This gun is just plain cool. Its mega-powerful and has an unlimited supply of ammo.

GOOD+ ENDING- Prize: Channeling Stone.

Found in the convenience store. Who knows what it does or where to use it.

Defeating Alessa
In the last stage, Alessa will use lightning bolts to hit you. To avoid this attack, just press Forward+Left or Right and Run! Harry will keep running in circles. After tow or three circles you may stop and start shooting her. When she starts another round of lightning just stop shooting and run again.

Extra Options
During game play, hit the select button to bring up the Item screen, then go to Options. Once youre in, push any shoulder button. If done correctly, it opens a small menu where you can change the color of the blood, reverse some of the controls, and turn off auto-aim.

Finding the Silver Medallion
To obtain the silver medallion, find the piano and play the notes shown below in the order given.

____________________________________ | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |5| | | | | | | | |3| | | |_| |_| | |_| |_| |_| | | | | | | | | | | | 1 | | | 4 | 2 | | |____|____|____|____|____|____|____|
A silver medallion will fall from above the piano. Note that these are dead keys that produce clicks instead of tones.

Finding the Gold Medallion
Get to the school, when you get to the room with the Statue of the old mans hand go into the room to the north and get the chemicals. Go back to the statue and use the chemicals. Sizzle Sizzle! Pick up the Gold Medallion and put it into the Clock Tower. Now go find that Silver Medallion!

Hyper Blaster
To get the Hyper Blaster finish the game with the secret ending

Hyper Blaster...Method 2
If you have Konamis old game gun plug it in to controler port 2 before you start the game. Load up the game, in your inventory you will now have the hyperblaster. NOTE: To use it its almost better to have two players one to control the gun and one to control Harry.

How to save Cybil
To save Cybil you must first pick up a plastic bottle in the kitchen of the hospital, then go to the directors room and use the plastic bottle to scoop up the liquid drug on the floor. Then when you are at the place were you meet Cybil at the fair grounds run up to her and use the liquid on her back.

See UFO Ending
To get the secret UFO Ending, first you must get the Good+ ending. After youve done that, start the Next Fear game. Go to the convenience store (before going to the school). On the counter is the Channeling Stone. Pick it up. There are five places to use the Channeling Stone. All five times it will look like night. The first place is at the roof of the school. This would be at the other school, since you cant get there in the first school. The second place is in the hospital courtyard. After the other church, but before you fight the moth. The third place is in the parking lot of the hotel. Oh, and dont worry about saving Kaufman. You wont get a chance to on the UFO ending. The fourth place is in the boat. Not on the deck of the boat, but inside the boat. The place where you see Cybil and Dalia. The fifth, and final, place to use the Channeling Stone is on top of the Lighthouse. After that, be prepared for the true ending of Silent Hill (because this one makes more sense than the others).

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