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New Super Mario Bros Cheats for Nintendo Wii

New Super Mario Bros Nintendo Wii
Genre Platformer
Platform Nintendo Wii
No. of Players
ESRB esrb e

Unlockable: Super Guide Mode

Die in a charge 8 times and the game will give you the option to turn active an "Auto Pilot" style in which Mario completes the charge active his own. This appears as a green crack guidebook block (with a ! active it) in the the level. Hit it to activate the style and you'll be able to watch Luigi finish the charge for you. Note: There is no crack guidebook for World 9.

Unlockable: Save File Stars

Performing special actions will award you marks active your save file. Here are the marks you can earn:

•Star 1 - palpitated the gage (you can use Warp Cannons)

•Star 2 - accumulate all 24 Star mints in World 9

•Star 3 - palpitated all "normal" charge in the gage,i.e., you don't need to reach enigma Goals.

•Star 4 - accumulate all 207 Star mints in the first cardinal Worlds •Star 5 - palpitated every level, reach every enigma goal and use all of the Warp Cannons.

•5 "Sparkly" marks - Get all five marks without making a Luigi Block appear (you cannot die cardinal times in a row active a single level)


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