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Game Details

Pilotwings Cheats for Nintendo Wii

Pilotwings Nintendo Wii
Genre Simulation
Platform Nintendo Wii
No. of Players
ESRB esrb e


Game Information

Pilotwings is an old flight simulation game which was released for Super NES and Virtual Gaming Console earlier in December 21 1990. It has been reborn and introduced for Nintendo Wii, it is both developed and published by Nintendo. It is a single player video game which is suitable for people all ages, it has an esrb rating E.

Extra Bonus Levels

While playing your game in either rocketbelt or the skydiving level, if you successfully and safely land on the moving platforms, you would be able to unlock 2 hidden levels. If you were previously in Skydiving level, in the next bonus level, you will turn into a penguin and get the ability to dive into the swimming pool. If you were in rocketbelt level, you will become a guy with special wings and you can jump from one platform to other.

Level Passwords

Use the following passwords to see the wonders of following Levels.


Helicopter 1
Enter this password "108048"
Helicopter 2
Enter this password carefully "985206"
Level 3
Use this code "394391"
Level 4
Enter this code "520771"
Level 5
Enter this code "400718"
Level 6
For level enter "773224"
Level 7
For this level enter "165411"
Level 8
Use this password "760357"

Expert Ability

In order to become Pilotwing expert you would need to follow these instructions. In the menu where you enter the passwords, enter this code "400718" now in the following stages you should just die. Now after you died in all of the stages a sign shall appear which shall read Game Over, at this point if you restart your game, you will become the expert.

Gameplay Video

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