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Amped 2 Cheats for Xbox

Amped 2 Xbox
Genre Sports
Platform Xbox
No. of Players 1-8
ESRB esrb e


Yellow snow is not one of the worlds finer cuisines, yet you seem to taste it quite often. Theres nothing like fresh powder, but when your entire snowboarding experience looks like one endless run of "Ow, my nuts!" blooper reels, its time for help. Thats where we come in. IGN is providing you with a free strategy guide for Amped 2, packed with tips straight from the developer and complete with maps of the biggest mountains this side of Kilimanjaro.

Why would IGN make a guide this good free for all? Because we love you, thats why. Get a grasp on the overall picture with Bunny Hill Basics, then cruise on into the Developer and Reader Tips sections for more in-depth strategies to make you king of the snow mountain. Well have you making snow angels and smashing through snowmen in no time flat. What are you waiting for... its free!!

Unlock All Levels
Enter "AllLevels" at the cheat screen.

Cheat List
Enter the following codes to activate their effects: Disable Cheats: noCheats Disable Collisions: NoCollisions Disable Crashing: NoCrashing Faster Riders: FastMove Have Maximum Stats: MaxSkills Icy Runs: AllIce Low Gravity: LowGravity Super Spins: SuperSpin Unlock All Characters: AllMyPeeps Unlock All Movies: Show Rewards Unlock Bunny: Bunny Unlock Yeti: GoTeamYeti Unlock Bigfoot: BrotherOfYeti Unlock Radical: Radical Unlock Shiny Gal: MetalMaam Unlock Steezy: ChillinWSteezy Unlock Bones: FunnyBone Unlock MoCap Man: MoCapMan Unlock Frosty Jack: FrostByte Unlock Hermit Joe: GetOffMyLand All Grabs: TrickedOut

Unlock All Characters
Enter AllMyPeeps
in the games in-game cheat menu.

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