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Game Details

Blood Wake Cheats for Xbox

Blood Wake Xbox
Genre Action
Platform Xbox
No. of Players 1-4
ESRB esrb t

Activate Cheats
While on the title screen, the controller plugged into port 1 may be used to unlock the cheats by using the button presses from the table below, in the correct order, followed by START.

A sound effect will play when any cheat is activated.

Once a cheat is activated, it will stay in effect until the power is turned off or the game is ejected. The only exception to this is that going to the Xbox Demos menu will de-activate cheats.

Cheat: Rubber Duck Boat
Enter the following code at the title screen: RIGHT THUMB, LEFT THUMB, RIGHT TRIGGER, LEFT TRIGGER, BLACK, WHITE, UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT.

Cheat: Puffer Fish
To unlock the Puffer Fish at the main title screen and enter this code: A, B, BLACK, WHITE, Y, X, RIGHT THUMB, RIGHT THUMB, LEFT THUMB, LEFT THUMB

Cheat: All Levels
At the start screen press X, Y, UP, RIGHT, LEFT, DOWN, UP, DOWN, Click Left Analog Stick, L, and press start.

Unlockable: Battle Modes
Unlock the following Battle Modes by completing the corresponding challenges:

Clanbake Battle Mode: Beat "A Poke in the Eye" level (Ensign difficulty)
Kingdom Come Battle Mode: Beat "Baptism of Fire" level (Ensign difficulty)
Metal Massacre Battle Mode: Beat "Hurricane of Fire" level (Ensign difficulty)

Unlockable: New Ships
To unlock new and exciting watercraft, complete the corresponding challenges:

Fireshark Gunboat: Beat "Up the Nagau" level (Ensign difficulty)
Guncat Catamaran: Beat "Protection Racket" level (Ensign difficulty)
Gunshark Gunboat: Beat "Ships in the Night" level (Ensign difficulty)
Jackal Devil: Beat "Assault on Black Moon" level (Ensign difficulty)
Lightning Speedboat: Beat "A Friend in Need" level (Ensign difficulty)
Pike Speedboat: Beat "Payment is Due" level (Ensign difficulty)
Salamander Speedboat: Beat "Fish in a Barrel" level (Ensign difficulty)
Switchblade Hydroplane: Beat "Gladiator" level (Ensign difficulty)
Tigershark Gunboat: Beat "Sampan Surprise" level (Ensign difficulty)

Cheat: Import Boat Mode
Enter this code at the title screen: Y, B, X, A, LEFT TRIGGER, RIGHT TRIGGER, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT THUMB, RIGHT THUMB.

Cheat: Blood Ball
To unlock Blood Ball enter this code at the title screen: X, Y, WHITE, BLACK, B, A, LEFT, UP, RIGHT, DOWN.

Cheat: Invincibility
To gain invincibility enter at the title screen the code: Click Left Analog Stick , Click Right Analog Stick, DOWN, LEFT, DOWN, LEFT B, Y, START.

Cheat: Unlock All Boats
To unlock all boats, at the title screen enter the code: UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, L, B, X, X, click the right analog stick, then press START.

Cheat: More Battles
To unlock all the battle modes, at the title screen enter the code: Y, A, X, B, Click Left Analog Stick, Click Right Analog Stick, BLACK, WHITE, R, R, START.

Cheat: Infinite Ammo
If youre always running out of ammo, at the title screen enter the following code for infinite ammo: BLACK, WHITE, L, R, Click Right Analog Stick, Click Right Analog Stick, Y, X, START.

Cheat: Infinite Turbo
At the title screen enter the code: UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, B, A, START.

Unlockable: Basilisk
Beat the Protection Racket level on Captain level difficulty.

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