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Fable Cheats for Xbox

Fable Xbox
Genre Action RPG
Platform Xbox
No. of Players 1
ESRB esrb m


The world of Fable can be overwhelming at times and even when you master the basics there are plenty of secrets to boggle the minds of the most experienced adventurers. With so many options you may not know where to start. There are people to talk to, women to flirt with, chickens to kick, and tats to have inked.

We start you off with the basics and then delve into the many options you have in Fable. We have also included a detailed guide to wooing lovely ladies, robbing a town blind, dominating the pub games and completing every side quest in the world of Albion. But thats not all, we give more love with: Good or Evil: A walkthrough for both paths, which one will you take? Silver Keys: Every key location detailed. Demon Doors: Every item and weapon. Secret Weapons: Wield the deadliest sword in the land.
The world of Albion needs a hero. The question is, will you be that hero?

Cheat: Unlimited Skill Experience Points
In the beginning of the game, the hero is being trained at the Guild. Right after he turns into a teenager, he is to pass three tests. They are melee training, skill training, and will training. Once you pass all these tests, Maze will test you himself. First he will ask you to use melee attacks on him. Instead of doing that, take out your Yew Longbow, lock on to him, and shoot him from a distance. He takes damage but wont die. You wont be punished for your actions either. I gained 5000 Skill Experience Points in just 15 minutes!

Cheat: Hero Save Exploit
In the middle of a quest, if you use a hero save and reload the save, you will start at the beginning of the quest as if you had never begun, and you will retain all items that you obtained during the last run of the quest. An especially good place to use this cheat is before round 8 at the arena. This way you can play the arena multiple times and still get the experience.

Cheat: Unlimited NPCs
Its easy, all you have to do is choose any quest and "boast" and youll end up on the pedestal in lookout point with some NPCs cheering you on, step off the pedestal and use your spade to dig anywhere thats diggable. More NPCs will be spawned every time you dig. Do this enough and the whole screen will be filled with people.
If you go over 100 the frame rate will drop drastically and eventually crash. This is useful for showing off trophies or killing people for evil points.

Unlockable: Frying Pan
The treasure clues start you on the dock at orchard farm. They lead you through the apple orchard and down the path towards the barn. At the first barn, dig in between the barn wall and the bales of hey to find the Frying Pan

Unlockable: Sword of Aeons
At the end of the game choose to kill your sister. If you watch the credits you will get to continue playing with the sword of Aeons, a massively powerful weapon.

Hint: Continuous Play
Watch the credits at the end of the game to continue playing with your character.

Hint: Easy Way To Win Race To Demon Gate
Once you get the stick as a weapon, simply head over to the boy making the challenge to run to the Demon Gate and back in 50 seconds. Stand beside him and hit him with the stick. The impact will push the boy over a little each time. Do this until you get lectured by Maze. Then, repeat the process. This cuts off a lot of distance from the run, making it easy to win this challenge. As an added bonus, if you want to be an evil character, you also get evil points for doing this.

Hint: Experience
The easiest way to max out your character in Fable can be done right after the mission where you save your mother. Go back to the "Cliffside path" (up through the Lychfield graveyard). There are infinite zombies to kill here. The best way to kill them is to power up the Enflame spell and have a lot of will potions.

Hint: Troll Bashing
When you are up against a troll, you can sit behind him all day and melee him. It is a matter of timing. With the brown trolls, you wait until they lift their arms up to knock you. hen they do so, dive (y Button) behind them just before they do so and continue to melee them. Repeat as necassary.

With the Gray Rock Trolls, you melee until they are just about to jump in the air, then you dive away from them. Once the rocks they thrust out of the ground go away, move right back up to him and continue to melee him. Repeast as necassary.

Hint: Knifing Jack of Blades
This takes little health, make sure you have about 15 will potions just to be safe. First use Ghost Sword to keep Jack busy and the first half of him is easily defeated. When he goes in the air, just Lightning him until he is dead. He cannot attack you when you do Lightning. When your mana runs out, just drink another potion. He can usually get a shot off whenever you drink the potion, so be ready to dodge it.

Hint: Stay Big from Berserk!
You can become permanently huge like berserk by doing the following: Get the spell. Cast berserk. Save after you cast. Reload the game load after you cast the spell, and Volia, you are now the hulking hero you always wanted to be!
If you cast berserk again after using this technique, when it wears off you will return to normal size.
This glitch will not work for everyone!

Hint: Obtain the Sentinus Faster

The Sentinus is a weapon you obtain by donating over 300,000 in gold to the Temple of Avo. An easier and more efficient way of obtaining this weapon is simple; have an evil character (at least half-way to full evil) and go donate 33,000 in gold to the Temple of Avo. They will tell you the gods are very pleased with your donation and they will give you the Sentinus.
Hint: Treasure Hunt Clue Locations

Hidden Booty Hunt Quest

Treasure Clue #1: Received from the grateful sister at the end of the Bounty Hunter Quest. Bounty Hunter Quest is a Guild side quest, done before rescuing Scarlet Robe.

Treasure Clue #2: Given at the end of The Lost Trader Quest. Lost Trader Quest is a Guild side quest.

Treasure Clue #3: Given after killing the final assassin at Hook Coast. You must first kill the previous assassins, sent in revenge of Twinblade (The attacks occur outside Knothole Glade, middle of Prison Path, Witchwood Cullis Gate near focus stone site, and the windmill on Windmill Hill).

Treasure Clue #4: Given after winning the archery contest at Knothole Glade. Must complete Break the Siege Quest in Knothole Glade first).

Treasure Clue #5: Found in a chest at Orchard Farm.

Treasure Clue #6: Open a chest behind the windmill at Windmill Hill.

Hint: Fist Fighter Easy Wins
When you start a fight hold Y to block and then target lock him. After he throws one puch side roll to the left or right and he is open to hit him in the back. This will work on every fight and to become the champion.

Hint: Real Estate Exploitation
Buy a home and insure it is the type that holds the wooden frames on the walls where you can place trophies. Next, mount two trophies on those frames. (The better the trophy, the faster you will become rich.). Once you've mounted your trophies, go back outside to the sign, and sell your house. By placing trophies in the house, the sale value is greater than the house's construction cost, thus the profit. But the trophies are still in the house. Simply break down the doorway (hence the reason for choosing the design with the wood doors) and simply grab the trophies to devalue the house. Buy the house afterwards and re-install the trophies. As long as your character does not leave town, the broken down door remains and you may repeat this process and profit from the buy/sell difference to gain money.

Hint: Easy Money
Buy Gems when you have enough money because you will be able to sell them for great values when you have more than 25, do not upgrade strength until you have completed the "find the archaeologist quest." If you go and try to get the sword outside of the temple then you will only need to upgrade your strength 3 times, at the start of your adult stage. Do not do the killer wasp quest instead go through witchwood and go back to oakvale, you will be able to buy emeralds cheap here.
get weapons and cash easily

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