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Alan Wake Cheats for Xbox 360

Alan Wake Xbox 360
Genre Horror, Psychological, Action
Platform Xbox 360
No. of Players
ESRB esrb t


Alan wake as descibed above is a psychological game, it tests your nerves and if you are in a real time situation, you might not want to further the game ;). This game is developed by Remedy Entertainment, designed by Petri Järvilehto and published by Microsoft Game Studios. For now this game is set to release for xbox360 only, game has been released on 18th may 2010.

Front Position: Rotate Alan

Alan Wake is the lead game character and while playing the game, it some times stick to the middle of screen and doesn't shift its positions regardless of shifting the directions and movements on your sticks, when such situation arises and you want to move him on either side of the game screen, push your viewing joystick on either right or in the left direction, this move when done successfully should rotate the alan, this way you will be able to spot the stuff going on infront of the screen.

Bonus Xbox 360

When you are playing the game, in the begining of CH/level 4, you will be instructed by your Doctor to get into the room which belongs to you, now when you get into the room, keep your eyes open and locate the Xbox 360 along with a game which reads (Night Shapes)

Unlock Nightmare Mode

Play the game and successfully finish it on any difficulty level, this shall let you unlock the Nightmare Mode. This shall make the game a whole lot more fun and harder to play, it shall also add up 16 manuscript pages,w hich you would want to collect.

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