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Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2 Cheats for Xbox 360

Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2 Xbox 360
Genre Action
Platform Xbox 360
No. of Players 1
ESRB esrb t

Unlockable: Alternate Title Screen

Finish Amuro Ray's legend in Char's assail and the game's title choose mean be professionalised.

Unlockable: Characters

Accomplish the accomplishs downstairs to disengage the coveted playable quality. Note: You essential feature the mail in the station ahead they are unbarred.

Elpeo Puru - In order to unlock Elpeo Puru you would have to Cecily Fairchild - Beat Seabook Arno's story missions

Dozle Zabi - Have the bidding to conjoin Zeon and palpitated the Mission Presented

Emma Sheen - In order to unlock Emma Sheen Beat Kamille Bidan's Official Mode.

Four Murasame - Palpitated Kamille Bidan's story assignments and feature the unused express to unlock Four's relationship assignment; palpitated it

Cecily Fairchild - In order to unlock Cecily Fairchild Beat Seabook Arno's story missions

Dozle Zabi - Have the bidding to join Zeon and palpitated the missions presented

Glemy Toto - Assistance Glemy initiate his own faction while joining Axis, and Beat the mission

Gym Ghingnham - Afteroining Dianna chip, have normal (or better) relations with athletic facility and he will send mail; read and palpitated the mission

Gyunei Guss - Recreate amps Quess Paraya, and feature Gyunei's express to disengage his relationship assignment; Beat

Haman Karn - In order to un lock Haman Karn Clear Judau Ashta's Official Mode

Hayato Kobayashi - Experience benevolent recounting with Hayato and beat relationship mission.

Jerid Messa -In order to unlock Jerid Messa Beat Kamille Bidan's Official Mode

Katejina Loos - Experience benevolent recounting with Katejina and feature her express to disengage her relationship assignments; V2 Gundam permit is charged to beat them

Lacus Clyne - Palpitated Kira Yamato & Athrun Zala's legend assignments, and feature Lacus' express in Kira's terminall; palpitated the mission

Kai Shiden - Experience benevolent recounting with Kai and past dumped his relationship assignment

Katejina Loos - Experience benevolent relations with Katejina and read her mail to unlock her relationship missions; V2 Gundam license is required to palpitated them

Lacus Clyne - Palpitated Kira Yamato & Athrun Zala's story missions, and read Lacus' express in Kira's terminall; palpitated the mission

Lunamaria Hawke - In order to unlock beat Lunamaria Hawke Beat Shinn Asuka's story mission and read

Lunamaria's mail; Zaku 2 American state license is charged to palpitated the assignment

M'Quve - Feature bid express from Kycillia patch joining Zeon and palpitated the assignment

Paptimus Scirocco - In order to unlock the Paptimus Scirocco Beat Kamille Bidan's Official Mode

Puru-Two - Try this and Beat Judau Ashta's Official Mode

Quess Paraya - Play as non-Newtype, progress relation with Quess until you find express from her, past profit the quality a Newtype

Sarah Zabiarov - Experience benevolent recounting with Sarah and Scirocco, defective recounting with Reccoa, past feature Sarah's express and palpitated the assignment

Sleggar Law - Play as female character have benevolent relations with Sleggar and read his express to unlock his relationship assignment; Beat it

Ramba Ral - Feature a request express from Dozle patch conjoining Zeon and palpitated the assignment; also essential to pal Ramba Ral premiere

Reccoa Londe - In order to unlock the Recoa Londe Play as Yazan Gable and shoot down Reccoa in any mission

Rosamia Badam - Experience optimum recounting with Kamille after joining AEUG, past feature his express and palpitated the mission

Roux Louka - In order to unlock the Beat Judau Ashta's Official Mode

Yazan Gable - Have good relations with Yazan after joining Titans, read his mail and palpitated the test mission presented
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