A detailed review of Intel i9-9900K processor

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We can label intel processors as of late bloomers because Ryzen has swept the market with powerful processors. Almost every high-end rig was carrying new Ryzen CPU because of high compatibility with the gaming. High-end games require dedicated CPU and Ryzen CPUs was up to the task. But, Intel came back with a bang with new and improved Intel Core i9-9900K. Before 9900K no intel processor could match the multi-threading and high core counts provided by AMD Ryzen processors. Intel tried to shut the critics with launching eight cores, sixteen threads, and a clock speed of up to 5 GHz if enhanced. Some of the critics in the industry believed that this huge octa-core processor not only competes with the Ryzen processors but surpass them in terms of performance. To test the claims, we put the processor to test with the latest multiplayer games at extreme graphics. But to our disappointment, the processor did not perform well as the developers had claimed it. The opinion we are sharing is solely for gaming performance. If you talk about the CPU as general, the little chipset is a beast and content creators would love to run their different rendering software. 9900K will surely run the software as smoothly as a hot knife cut the butter. Gamers are always hungry for frames per seconds. So, as per their expectations, 9900K was not that godly.


  • One of the top mainstream octa-core processes at the moment is i9-9900K. 16 thread lines with multiple hyper-threading show the punch that i9 processors will carry. Talking about the clock speed with 8 cores and 16 threads, i9-9900K clocks up to 5 GHz while the base frequency can start from 3.6 GHz. On the other hand Ryzen 7 2700x also carries 8 cores and 16 threads but the clock speed for AMD Ryzen 2700x ranges from 3.7 GHz to 4,3 GHz. So we call to see that intel i9-9900K is fairly at advantage in terms of clock speed.
  • The engineering of the chipset is done to consume less more and perform efficiently. So, putting the claims to the test, we found out that Intel core i9-9900K has a unique ability to integrate all the cores and threads. In comparison with Coffee Lake models, i9-9900K is offering 400 MHz extra clock speed in the same resources consuming only 95 Watt.
  • The soldered heat spreader is working round the clock to make sure that heat is distributed equally and no part of the system is getting overburdened by the heat. Comparing the heat pattern with previous i& processors, we found that Intel i9-9900K processors were much more efficient and cooler after all the work and pressure we put on the machines. The difference was notable as it was almost 10 degrees difference.
  • Intel i9-9900K was perfectly compatible with 370Z motherboard. So, you don’t have to upgrade the motherboard as well whenever you are upgrading to i9. Issues were seen in the case of Coffee lake processors and users were not happy about it. So, it was a good sign that the intel team has learned from their previous mistake.


Before the big launch of intel core i9-9900K, AMD Ryzen processors were winning all the battles. Talk about the core counts or hyper-threading, AMD processors were everyone. But fortunately for Intel, 9900K changes the game completely with high core count and multi-threading. Soon after the launch and testing by different developers, i9-9900k became the benchmark for processing the power and overall performance of the CPUs. The ultra-fast processing speed was put to test while encoding some heavy videos through hand brake. Standing true to its claim, we witnessed some of the fastest encoding content ever done through hand brake. Here we are talking about regular application and rendering software but the ultimate test begins when we tried the i9-9900K for latest games. The games were running pretty smooth or ultra graphics but the surprise came at that moment when Ryzen CPUs were able to squeeze more FPS from the same game while the powerful i9 chip was lagging behind. On the basis of those results, it seems that the claims of Intel regarding the i9-9900K as the best gaming chip are far-fetched. Ryzen 7 2700X always managed to extract 5 to 6 frames per second extra. So, according to these benchmarks, the i9 processor fails to follow its reputation at least for the gaming part.


With the amazing features, i9 processors surely dent the pocket, costing you around 500$. Price inflation was sudden as previous i7 versions were available in the market for around 330 to 350$. Here the Ryzen 2700X shock the gaming world with almost similar specs to i9 and price tag is exactly half of 249$ to be exact.

Final Verdict:

Intel i9 9900K has surely impressed the market as one of the best mainstream Octa-core CPU. Power boost in the processing abilities is surely heaven for the photoshop masters or any other video creators. Processing speed is all that matters for rendering and i9 processors are offering just that. So, this is the major win for Intel team.

The soldered heat spreader is making sure the power consumption for such high processing abilities is not abrupt. They have made sure the power consumption to be close to the previous model but the processing abilities were enhanced greatly. So, a big win also for the intel team.

Talking about gaming performance, i9 chipset has seriously disappointed us. Ryzen 7 2700X never let the i9 processor surpass in terms of frames per second and overall run ability of any game. That’s where intel i9 chipset was lagging behind.

Although the processing powers are supreme, such heavy price tag does not bode in the favor of intel processor. With almost similar features, Ryzen 7 can be bought for almost half of the price as compared to i9 processor. So, the price tag was also pushing i9 behind as compared to AMD processors.

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