Best PC Games Of 2019

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If 2019 was a very rich year for console video games, the PC, our favorite platform, found itself a little abandoned, with finally quite few dedicated quality titles. At the first glance, 2019 should change all that. We have selected for this top not only games exclusive to PCs, but games « designed » for the platform, or which benefit much more from its advantages (technical quality, keyboard-mouse handling).

Apex Legends

Respawn Entertainment has focused on the essentials and delivers a demanding FPS, which is currently played exclusively in teams of three and shows its true potential with friends. Visually very impressive for free-to-play, Apex Legends does not just copy a proven recipe. The game developers have managed to introduce many small innovations that allow their game to have its own identity. The title of Respawn is also intended for a more mature audience than Fortnite. Here, no whining, dancing or construction. Apex Legends is first and foremost an FPS, a real, demanding title that has not been designed for people who have never touched a pad or keyboard.

Rainbow Six Siege

Counter-Strike’s sexiest cousin. Rainbow Six may lack the punch detection and purity of CS GO, but it is a more accessible and modern SPF that rewards intelligent timing and coordinated teamwork as well as its purpose.
Indeed, the number of players has been increasing since the game was released, and after three years of existence, it has proved difficult for newcomers to take control of. This issue will be at the heart of Ubisoft’s policy this year… but without slowing down the pace of the new seasons!


Overwatch has quickly become one of the biggest multiplayer online shooters around, its colorful character mix and frenetic gameplay making it popular with casual and professional eSports players.

Following in the footsteps of PC Team Fortress 2, it is a team action game with a variety of characters and various objectives that require teamwork (and a balanced group of heroes) to achieve victory.

Fortnite Battle Royale

Fortnite is a mixture of PUBG and minecraft (for construction). You can’t expect a realistic game. Thus it offers a more arcade-like gaming experience. In battle, you will also have to build to protect yourself, but also to gain height and jump on your enemies to gain the advantage. Finally, Fortnite offers very dynamic fights, players jump and move all the time in order to be the least easy to touch. And this is a point that will please some, or displease others.


PUBG was the biggest phenomenon of 2017. And will continue to be a major force in the Battle Royale genre. The many updates and additions of new content provide a rich experience for players. It is certainly this wealth of gameplay that allows PUBG to maintain a good place in the Battle Royale competition.

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