F1 2019 Review

It’s the season, all motorsport games release their new sets of tires. The same is also true for F1 2019, which continues to offer more and more things. Codemasters is constantly evolving its baby and to fully exploit the FIA license, it is adding more and more content. Let’s take a look at the new features and achievements.

The F2 finally on the grid

It was time for F1 2019 to offer the antechambers of Formula 1, just like a MotoGP bike. Many simulations include these introductions, with all categories leading to the top. Formula 2 is therefore available with its championship and its inclusion in the solo career mode.

This introduction is dressed up in a script to explain the big tricks of career management. A friendly teammate, an unpleasant and narcissistic rival, embody the Manichean choices that will have to be made throughout the rest of the career. Are you going to put yourself forward and drive only for your own benefit? Or will you prefer teamwork, whether with your teammate or your mechanics? The short narrative sequences are nice and bring a real plus to the experience.

But they disappear as soon as you move to the top class. It’s a shame, because if we find the characters who have evolved in Formula 1, nothing happens between them. With this introduction, we were expecting other sequences that could have referred to the history of F1 or last season, for example. It would have been a great opportunity to anchor the player in the microcosm of F1.

A full career

While it is regrettable that Codemasters did not go through with the script side of the title, the management of the Career is still as complete as ever. The race objectives vary according to the team chosen, the development of the car is always carried out by winning points during the test sessions, interviews are also part of the game after the races.

On this side, you will not be disoriented, it is as cool and coherent as in the 2018 edition. Without overwhelming the data, the interface is both complete and clear. The whole package is adaptable to your wishes, whether you want to participate in each test session or if you want to immerse yourself in the race right away. Depending on the level of difficulty, these races will be more or less thrilling.

The basic difficulty of the game will require the regulars of this simulation to adapt upwards. It will not be uncommon to put one or even two seconds in the second of the pole. It’s huge in F1 and if you want a challenge you’ll have to overcome the difficulty a little bit.

On the track the AI is « interesting ». The other drivers shift, protect the interiors when you get too close and do not force when you are already at their level. This does not prevent them from being combative and trying to take the lead as soon as possible. A very pleasant surprise.

Prost and Senna at high price

While the game still includes historical events to punctuate the Career mode, a specific edition recalling the highlights of the epic duels between Prost and Senna is available this year. This « Legends » edition is still sold for $30 more than its standard counterpart. Unfortunately, it is impossible for us to tell you if these prices are justified, as our test version was a classic edition.

Since there are already many historic cars in the base game, one can wonder about the relevance of this double edition. Let’s give him the benefit of the doubt by taking advantage of what is already included in the classic version and which allows him to appreciate the difference between historic Formula 1 cars and contemporary technological showcases.

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