LEC Summer 2019: Fnatic and G2 still in the lead [LOL ESPORTS]

End of this second week of League of Legends European Championship with still two undefeated teams, the G2 Esports, and the Fnatic who won hands down the week’s match against Origen. On the other side of the ranking, Vitality and Excel have still not won a single game.

After his victory at the Mid-Season Invitational, G2 returned to conquered territory and began his split against his opponent in the Spring final: Origen. This game of the week, Saturday, June 8 at 9pm, launches the hostilities in the race for the crown for the Summer Split of the LEC.

After a one-way final in which G2 defeated Origen 3-0, a new confrontation is underway. Meanwhile, G2 has managed the impossible, not only to eliminate a Korean team from an international tournament but above all to win this title, the MSI 2019. The kings of Europe seem incoherent and Origen carries the heavy burden of having to face them from the first week of the Summer Split.

Can Origen create a startle?

The LEC has experienced roster changes between Spring and Summer Split 2019, but not on the Origen and G2 sides. It’s hard to imagine Origen suddenly being able to beat the reigning European champions. Nevertheless, Europe is often synonymous with surprises at the beginning of Split and Origen can afford to believe in it. Origen also has the advantage of having seen G2 play during the MSI and can therefore plan strategies accordingly. Nukeduck can, with his incredible pool of champions, surprise Caps and his team. And even if Origen couldn’t do anything during their two playoff matches against G2, the team still managed to beat G2 on one of the Spring’s two BO1s. This one-part format gives Origen a better chance to set up a coup de théâtre. And it is finally Origen who, of all the teams at the LEC, seems to be the most capable of fighting G2 Esports. Their convincing performance during the Spring and their well-oiled game mechanics leave room for a great battle against G2.

Nevertheless, even if we want to believe in all the possibilities to leave some suspense during a game, G2 currently seems to be well above all its competitors in Europe. After his incredible performance at the MSI and his overwhelming victories during the Spring playoffs, G2 has established itself as one of the if not the best team in the world. Origen can try his luck but we’re relying heavily on G2 to win this first big confrontation!

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