Godlike flexing level by Origin PC on their 10th anniversary

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Origin PC has made their name in the gaming industry for a while now but they landed a bomb on their 10th anniversary. We are talking here about a PC but not just any PC. You can think about all the latest hardware and cool casing but Origin PC does not stop there. They build an absolute monster. Big O 2.0 is the only PC in the world that carries PS4 Pro, Xbox One S, and Nintendo Switch on one chassis. Gamers can understand the hype as all the platforms are totally separate and are even in competition. Origin PCs are famous for their custom rigs and they always experiment new things and getting the perfect combo for the gamers. They did something similar to this back in 2009 when they combine X box 360 with a beast PC. But the big O 2.0 is an absolute beast and gamers are absolutely loving 2019 and origin PC for this invention.


Building up the rig was pretty fun stuff according to the Origin experts. They stripped the consoles from their casings and mounted them on the motherboard. The placement was absolutely magical as the chassis is not too crowded and you can see X box one S and PS4 pro flexing vertically. Cryogenic hardlines run throughout the body to cool down the consoles and to enhance the beauty, they used matching color liquids. 2 TB of dedicated storage space is allotted for both consoles and SSDs are used for instant boot-ups and loading of your favorite games.

Features of the PC are just insane. We are seeing the king of all motherboards MSI Meg Z390 which will be running the ultra-fast Intel i9 9900K superior processor. You can only imagine the processing speed as i9 processor can be clocked to 5 GHz. Currently, no other processor can provide the clock speed up to 5 GHz. Moving down to the graphics card, we are seeing the latest Nvidia RTX series Titan GPU. With i9 processor, Titan GPU can be unleashed to its full potential without any worry about the bottleneck and you just had to name the game and PC will run it in Ultra high settings.  Origin went big and did not hold back even on the RAMs. We are seeing 64 GB of Corsair Dominator platinum memory sticks that can handle multitasking like a piece of cake. Power and processing abilities are perfectly backed by enough random access memory that you just had to click and any program will open. Apart from the games, video rendering editing is also a child’s play for big O 2.0. RTX Titan series will take care of the graphics and 64 GB of RAM will smooth the overall efficiency of the system. To run all the hardware without any power bottleneck, Big O 2.0 fancies EVGA Supernova 1000W power supply unit. Although there was no need of game capture card origin says screw with the logic and added Elgato game capture 4K60 pro card. With all the inputs and outputs from all the platforms, you had the option to choose which port you want to use. Although, origin has already done the customization and pre-wired all the consoles input to a common HDMI output. You can also use PC gaming display by availing the services of Elgato game capture 4K60 pro card.

Talking about the front end of the chassis, there are usual I/O ports and power button. HDMI switcher will instantly transmit any kind of input from the system to the monitor. You might be wondering that we have covered PS4 pro, X box One S, and PC but where is the Nintendo switch. Nintendo switch unit is mounted on the front so you can enjoy the Nintendo games as well. So, that’s how the whole package gets completed will all the consoles and one of a kind PC.

The main purpose of this insane build was to show the dedication of the Origin team and their extreme concerns to set aside the difference of all the platforms. They did not display the proud creation as a masterpiece of any one person but the whole team who made the dream-build possible.

Back in 2009, origin decided to sell the Big O masterpiece to the public for around 17000$ but in the case of Big O 2.0 is pretty obvious that no gamer can afford the master build like this. There is a Youtube video that unveils the specs of this perfect and you can actually see the system running and killing with its performance, speed, and ultra power. But, Origin has made it pretty clear that this build is not for sale but just a dedicated effort to celebrate their 10th anniversary and an awesome journey of building custom rigs for the public.

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