Opera GX, the browser dedicated to gaming

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More and more products dedicated to video gamers are being created. Computers, components, keyboards, mice, screens, chairs and even gaming shoes. The variety of products for the regular gamer market is growing. Now it’s a service that has just been released: Opera GX a browser for gamers who want to enhance their experience.

Opera GX, the browser for gamers

gamer-opera-gxOpera GX has been designed to become the first browser for gamers, with specific processes to control PC functions to optimize performance and take advantage of browsing capabilities.

GX is an adapted version of the Opera browser, released in the 1990s to compete with Microsoft Explorer. At the moment it is an early access project in full development, but it is already available for download and use.

Play and browse the Internet at the same time

Players with more limited machines find it difficult to play and navigate at the same time. Although Internet browsers are increasingly optimized to reduce memory consumption, having the browser active while you play can be a hindrance to your computer’s performance. Opera GX allows you to control maximum RAM, CPU and network limits while playing online or even streaming your game.

In fact, the ability to control bandwidth is one of the most important features for those who download content from the network while playing online. With GX Control, you can control your browser’s upload and download speeds to limit your browser’s traffic, so you can focus most of your resources on the game, but without interrupting the download.

As a product for gamers, Opera GX integrates with applications such as Twitch or Discord and other messaging applications such as Facebook Messenger, Telegram or WhatsApp. Many Opera extensions can also be integrated, and the browser also supports extensions developed for Google Chrome.

In addition, it has a special section dedicated to presenting news and price updates for game offers and releases. And, of course, something you wouldn’t want to miss if you’re one of those people who use devices with colored lights: Opera GX allows you to change the design and themes of the browser, as well as customize the colors and design of an interface that has been awarded the Red Dot prize.

Watch videos while you play

Many players use two screens or they play on a very large monitor and open a window so they can watch videos while they play. Opera’s new browser allows you to watch videos in pop-up windows.

A new feature that will be announced in future updates is the ability to watch a video in a pop-up window while you play, allowing you to drag the floating window to the most appropriate place on the screen depending on the title you are playing. A very useful option for following tutorials without leaving the game or even watching other content or streams while you play.

Free security tools

From the first access, Opera GX includes several customizable security options. Among them, a free VPN for browsing so that you don’t leave any trace of the sites you’ve visited and even an ad blocker that can be easily activated and deactivated on the pages we’re interested in.

At the moment, Opera GX is still in the testing phase with several communication channels where users can give their impressions of the browser and provide the development team with ideas that can be incorporated into future versions and updates.

The Opera GX demo

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