Playstation VR setup

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Sony PlayStation VR headset is a virtual reality device that gives you amazing gaming experience. VR headset alone costs around $300, but you have to add the PS4 camera as well as the move controllers to get started.

First off, let’s talk about the camera, it’s a new design with a cylindrical camera instead of the previous square-shaped PlayStation camera. Both the old and the new version of the camera can be used with the PSVR headset. To accommodate the new design of the camera you will also get the new camera mount. The new camera mount is slightly different than the old one, as it will fit the new cylindrical designed camera instead of an old square-shaped.

Then you have the PS move controllers, if you have your old move controllers that come with the PlayStation 3, they will still work as well. The design of the new controllers is exactly the same as the old ones. 

We have gone through the necessary gadgets to work with the PSVR now lets talk about the Playstation VR headset. First up, when you unbox your PSVR you will get the power cable. Then you will find the processing device and USB cables for connection. We have 3 USB cables in total for connectivity. Last but not the least you will find the power adaptor for the processing unit and ear pods which are used to connect to the PSVR headset.

Keep in mind that all the cables are numbered so that it would be easy to connect them given the diagram. The PSVR itself is at the bottom of the box and it feels very sturdy, despite having a full plastic body. On the back of the headset, there is some silicon type material for comfortable adjustment. Initial reports have suggested that the user does not sweat too much when wearing this PSVR headset for a long period of time.

PSVR has a 5.7 inch OLED display inside of this which is powering the virtual reality and it does come out to a resolution of 1920x1080p but each eye is 960x1080p. It is the only OLED display that is in production for virtual reality headsets. The most amazing thing is that it works at both 90 and 120Hz of refresh rate. This means you will get 120 frames per second on this device provided that the game developers make use of the higher refresh rates.

There is a cable coming out of the headset, which has little controls like power-up, volume up and down and mic on and off button. The unique thing about this headset is that it’s a headset as oppose to a virtual reality unit that you wear, instead you pull this headset overhead like a visor. You have to pull it back, and just put it over your head. There is also an adjustment available for the display side that can move away a little bit if you need extra space.

Another interesting fact is that when you put this headset on the PlayStation menu appears on the screen that comes up looking like an equivalent of a 226inch TV, that is just amazing in my view. You can also watch movies in the cinema mode, that does make use if that bigger virtual display or virtual TV. It going to be your own personal movie experience on a large screen. Compared to other VR devices out there in the market this is the cheapest one.

Setup Process

We will show you how easy it is to get everything fully connected.

  • Step 1: Connect your PlayStation camera. To do that you are just going to plug it into the back, then into the special port that is right next to HDMI port.
  • Step 2: We need to focus on the processing unit. Just connect the processing unit to the power socket, and then you need to connect the HDMI cables. There are 2 ports on the processing unit, the one that you normally plug into the PlayStation that connects to your TV, you just need to plug it into where it says HDMI TV. Then take out the supplied HDMI cable out of the box, unwrap it and plug it into where it says HDMI PS, and the other end of that HDMI goes into the PlayStation.
  • Step 3: The USB cable will connect from the front of the PS to the back of the processing unit.
  • Step 4: Take out the special cable from the box of PS VR and connect it to the front of the processing unit. In the front of the processing unit you will see the PS symbols, so just move the half end of the processing Unit back and plug the corresponding cable into the processing unit. After connecting the cables slide back the processing unit cover. Now after installing the cable in Step 4, you need to connect the cable coming out of PS VR to this cable.
  • Step 5: Push the power button the PS VR headset and you will hear a tone and headset will come to life. Lights will be illuminated to the headset. You will probably get an update on the TV, you will be asked to update on version 2.0 or later.

Camera setup

PlayStation VR uses a single camera that tracks your movement, it is very important that you position the camera right. The height and the angle are the most critical part, you must keep the camera in the field of view for optimal results. It is recommended that you angle the camera slightly downward so that it can identify the PS move controllers which would be in your hands. Stand 7 ft. away from the camera with 5.5 ft. of width for movement.

It is recommended by Sony to use a 10×10 ft. area when using PS VR along with the move controllers. A slightly less space like 6×6 ft. might also work fine. One thing you need to make sure it that camera is not placed into direct sunlight, as it will affect the performance of the camera to identify controllers.

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