PS5 specs and news

PS5 news is not just rumors anymore as Sony officials confirmed the news in an interview with Wired. A lot of information was shared regarding the design, specs, and possible release date. Mark Cerny revealed that the team is cooking up the next-gen gaming console and the public will be surely be seeing the successor of PS5. Although the official name has not been announced yet we assume that it will be the next numeric digit in line. A whole lot of discussion is done on specs, new features, PSVR support, cross-gen gaming. However, there was no ice breaker regarding the price and some key details. But one thing is sure that 2020 is going to be big for the console game lovers and Sony.

Specifications and Details

Diving a little deeper into the details, Mark Cerny confirmed that the architecture will be a little similar to PS4 so we will be seeing the backward compatible feature in PS5 as well. The console will be accepting the CDs so rest assured that the console will not be moving completely to the digital world. The developers hinted that the changes will not be so drastic and there will be more similarities with the PS4 and new games will be releasing for both PS4 and PS5. We have seen a total shift in PS3 from its older version but in case of PS5, it will be more like a smooth transition to a next-gen gaming console.


The console will be powered by AMD chipset with the third-gen Ryzen CPU running all the heavy games. The CPU has 8 cores which mean the console will be able to enhance the resolutions up to 8K. Just imagine the quality of graphics that PS5 is promising. However, the LEDs need to catch up real quick so the gamers can actually enjoy the 8K gaming experience.


Radeon Navi line is the pick from the Sony developers to run all the ultra games in ultra HD graphics. Graphics card is the soul of any gaming gadget as all the heavy lifting is done by the graphics card to provide a better performance, smooth gameplay, clearer graphics, and overall gaming experience. Another notable feature that AMD Radeon graphics chip carry is the ray tracing support feature. The ray tracing technique or lightning technique is great is implementing more realistic environments and better audio features.


For gamers, audio is really important for instant reflexes as they are relying on the sound to estimate the location of closeby enemy. Mark Cerny explicitly talked about the improved audio quality feature and how ray tracing is supporting the upgrade. He explained by giving the example of the enemy’s footsteps and sound clarity. 3D audio will be loved by the hardcore gamers who use the sound to maximum advantage in staying one step ahead of their enemies. VR feature was not discussed openly as the developers wanted to keep their VR strategy hidden for this time. The rumors are in the market about the new VR headset but the officials haven’t spoken a word about a new release or the previous version support.


One of the definite and demanding upgrades will be the shift from optical hard drives to solid-state disks. Solid state hard drives are much quicker and efficient than their predecessors and would likely boost the overall performance of the gaming. SSDs are available in laptops and desktops PCs and the remarkable results forced the developers to think about replacing the traditional hard drives. Cerny also supported the idea of SSDs by giving the example of the load time of Spider-man on a PS4 and developer build PS5. The launch time was recorded around 10 to 15 seconds on PS4 while on the next-gen console with SSDs; the game was booted in less than a second. The in-game speed and movement of the characters also expected to be increased and that’s all the important stuff for any gamer. SSDs are little heavy budget so a lot of consideration went through in choosing the SSDs over the old hard drives.


So, the developers are not suggesting major changes and the architecture will be very similar for both PS4 and PS5. This indicates that the games developed for the PS4 might be able to run of Ps5 as well. Sony is planning and meeting with game developers to come up with the technology and games that can be run on a different generation. Cross-generation is a unique idea and the gamers can actually enjoy the latest games without having to upgrade to the next-gen console. A lot of news is circulating but nothing concrete news yet about the cross-gen gaming as both the Sony and game developers are keeping the idea and working hidden. In an interview in 2018, Sony gave the official statement about the next console to be released in about 3 years. John Kodera specifically told that in order to jump higher you have to crouch first. So the expectations of the gamers are high for late 2020 or early 2021 PS5 release.

Xbox franchise is also competing the Sony with the viral news like release the next-gen Xbox and all the unveiling will be done in this year’s E3. Microsoft confirmed that this year’s E3 is going to be huge for the console game lovers and the development of Next-gen Xbox is under progress. Microsoft is stepping the game up a notch by launch the console fully digital which means that the Xbox One S won’t be accepting any CDs. However, Sony is sticking to the old traditional ways of purchasing a game from the market and popping it inside the play station and set up your television to play your favorite game. They believed that it is important to restore the essence of gaming and not get lost in the technology. So with all the amazing features of PS5, we will surely be seeing a lot of sequels from the most popular games in 2018 and so. 

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