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Video gaming has always stayed with us. Technologies changed from one form to another but passion for gaming never reduced. We used to play different games by inserting the cassettes and completing each game one by one. Contra, Mario, Snow bros were like at the peak at that moment and we were glued to the TVs playing the games all day long. With the increase in technology, games also shifted from platforms to platforms. Graphics of the games are increased significantly and you could enjoy the games while lying in your bed with the introduction of portable formats like PSP. For those people who are used to the larger screen of the LCDs or the people who do not own a PSP, they can still play the PSP games by emulating it on their PCs, Mac, and even android. There are varieties of games that can be played with PSP emulator on your desired platform like Windows or Mac OS. Few of the popular games are Tekken 6, Naruto, GTA and many more famous names like these. The emulators work perfectly with very easy to use interface and you don’t need to learn a lot of things in order to get access to the PSP games on your Mac, OC, or Android. Now there are multiple emulators available in the market that have some amazing features and you are confused about choosing the best emulator to play all the PSP games on your desired platform. We are here to help in easing your decision. Here is a list of emulators with specifications so, you can pick the suitable emulator for the gaming.

Open EMU:

If you are a Mac owner and want to play all the PSP games then Open EMU is the obvious choice which provides the access to variety of the games and you won’t face any problem while emulating or playing the game. Open EMU focuses on enhancing the gaming experience so, you won’t feel like you are emulating but actually enjoying the game. Highlighting features of Open Emu would be Joystick support, Memory emulation; you can save the game and game progress, Play station support for gaming, and the ability to control the games smoothly. So, all the features will be at your disposal just like you are using a PSP but with a better screen and display. Open EMU is super-easy to use. All you got to do is download the software. Open the software and to the left side, you can see the collection. You need to add your favorite games to the collection tab and you are ready to enjoy your favorite games.

PPSSPP Emulator:

PPSSPP is the real deal when comes to the best and original emulators for both PC and Mac as the emulator does not compromise on the quality of the gaming and every time the user will have enhanced gaming experience. Smooth and uninterrupted gameplay was the main mission of PPSSPP developers and they are certainly doing justice to their claims. Let’s see the detailed process of installing PPSSPP on your desired platform to enjoy the games without any quality loss or interruption.

  • PPSSPP will be downloaded in Zip file so, you must have an extractor to extract all the files on your computer or Mac.
  • Your Windows need t support the PPSSPP version which you can check by jumping to the system type section.
  • If your system is compatible then you can download PPSSPP Emulator installer.
  • Extract the files using the extractor.
  • You can choose the folder to which these files can be saved or the system will allocate a default location. The choice is up to you.
  • Now download the Play Station games that you want to play using the PPSSPP emulator.
  • You need to direct download the game and save them on the desktop.
  • In the end, just open the file like regular application and start playing the game.


If for some odd reason, you are not able to run PPSSPP emulator then JPCSP is the ideal and perfect alternative. JPCSP get the games from the Library and involvement of Java increased in creating such libraries for different platforms as well. The features are almost the same as PPSSPP and you can easily play all your favorite games without any lag or stutter. To download the JPCSP emulator on Windows, you need to follow few simple steps.

  • First, make sure your PC is compatible to run the latest version of JPCSP.
  • If the system is compatible, download the emulator from its official site so you are not stuck with the copycats.
  • Latest Java Runtime is a must-have if you want to access the library and play all the games.
  • After everything is in order, you can run the games using the emulator.

PCSX reloaded:

If we talk about open source emulators, then this one would be the best emulator out there. Despite of its open-source nature, the emulator is perfectly compatible with the Mac OS and allows all the PSP games without any issues. PCSX has an amazing drop box feature in which you can literary drag and drop the game.

  • Download the emulator from its official website.
  • You need to install the Bios and Bios must be compatible so you won’t face any kind of trouble while emulating your favorite games.
  • Go the directory of Mac library and drag the Bios file to the library.
  • Configure the plugins and decompress the games that you want to play on your system.
  • Voila, everything is in order and you are good to go.
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