PUBG hacks and how to use them

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PUBG is a serious battle royale game with intense gun fights and amazing combat strategies. PUBG is currently on Season 7 and week 10 is still running with full swing. PUBG has invested a lot in maintaining the standards of the game However, every now and then; the game gets infested by hackers. There are 100 players battling in a single match and players practice really hard to claim the victory. Some players had practiced to play with 4 fingers at a time without getting any help from the gadgets. Now, when the players are playing with that kind of dedication, few cheapsters using tricks and unfair advantage can shatter the love for the game. There is no denying that PUBG developers are trying really hard to get rid of these hackers and they are constantly upgrading their game and servers but still there are over skilled people out there who can crack the firewall and get behind the security. To enjoy every game, you need to elevate your skills and that’s the only way to completely enjoy the game. However, if you consider yourself noob player and you admit that you can’t compete fairly then you can use the hack and cheats to gain the extra advantage over your enemies. Talking about the cheats lets discuss some hacks and tricks that we are seeing on regular basis.

Long Jump:

           Long jump gives you an unfair advantage in which you can jump almost 10 times higher than the normal jump and can easily loot the higher buildings without having to climb the stairs. You can elevate your can in the air and can drive in the air. In this way, you don’t have to cross the bridges or reroute from the river. Long jump alone is not very harmful as you can only jump higher and enemies can still spot or kill you. You also had to aim down the enemy perfectly and knock them out.


                If you are a regular gamer and play the arcade games, then you must know that how aimbot can frustrate the players. Imagine getting shot from the unimaginable place and your shooter is nowhere in the sight. He or she is just sitting somewhere and letting the injector file auto aim and kill the enemies with perfect headshots.

Wallhack or ESP:

                In this hack, you can see the enemies from behind the walls, houses, trees, and even stones. You get the unfair advantage of knowing the location of the enemies and can ambush them with complete information of every enemy player. Wallhack combined with auto-aim can really take out any pro player as he or she won’t have the chance to have a good aim at the opponent. If you are using wall hack alone, then you still need to kill the person completely as once your location is revealed the unfair advantage gets balanced slightly and if the opponent is good enough then a single peak can be enough.

Fast Landing and speed:

                As we all know, players are dropped from the plane and there are few techniques and angles that can help you land faster without using any third party application. However, with the fast landing hack, you get dropped at your marked location in a second and can grab the guns and other supplies way before the teams land on the map. Along with fast landing, you can also drive the car or run way faster than the normal speed. This can help in running away from the squads or getting back to the safe zone.

How to hack:

To hack the PUBG you need to follow a few steps and you will be all set.

  • First of all, you need to install VG Yard. VG yard is basically a virtual box you can download any other if you have used that one already.
  • After the installation is finished, the virtual box will open in the Chinese language. You can change the language from the setting and look for Globe icon and from there you can change the language.
  • After that, you need to download Root Browser, PUBG mobile game, and Game guardian.
  • Once you have installed all the above-mentioned apks, its time to add the apks to your virtual box.
  • At the bottom look for the file button and from there chooses the above-mentioned three files.
  • After the apps are added in your virtual box, you need to add the PUBG hack script file to the virtual box and also hack PUBG obb file. You can download the script file from the web and then add it to the virtual box. Obb file can be found in the file manager, and then Android, and at last open the pubg folder. You can see the obb file. Add that file to the virtual box too. This is a one-time process you don’t have to waste too much of your time.
  • After that open your root browser and if the permission for super user is asked please confirm it.
  • Open the file manager; you will see a Chinese folder at the bottom. You can see obb file there. Move that obb file to the freshly created new folder in the android folder.
  • Name the folder obb and create a new folder in obb.
  • Rename the new folder as com.tencent.ig and click ok.
  • Paste the obb file here.
  • Exit the virtual box and copy the host files from quick edit.
  • Go back to the root browser and open extras and open host file in rb text editor. Now paste the host files here and save the changes.
  • Now open the game guardian and game guardian hover icon will open.
  • Now you can use all the hacks in PUBG without any worries.
  • All the process that is mentioned above is a one-time process so you don’t have to go through a lengthy process again and again.
  • All you got to do is switch off the virtual box once you have finished the game and when you want to play again just open the virtual box again. All of the settings will be saved there.
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