What Season 8 has to Offer in PUBG mobile?

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So, Tencent Games have dropped the bomb again with all new PUBG mobile season 8. Just like before, the new season is packed with pretty exciting stuff and the veteran gamers would love to try out the new features. PUBG mobile has always attracted gamers from all around the world. The main reason for this is the availability of the game on both Android and iOS platforms and incredible servers that are always providing the smooth pings for great gameplay. Season 7 was in full swing for whole 10 weeks and after the launch of season 8, more gamers have returned again to test the new features of this awesome game. The new update was less than 200 MBs so, it takes almost zero time in upgrading to season 8. The layout was the same as for the previous season. To unlock the premium items, you need to buy the Royale pass and Elite Royale passes to unlock more missions and gather the RP.  Freeloaders have to spend time and every week for new missions to load up but they can push the ranks all day long and get in the higher leagues to unlock the premium items. Let’s talk about some of the highlighted features of Season 8.


In the map like Erangel, elite graphics surely help the gamers to spot the enemies as there are numerous places where enemies can hide. The grass is taller around the pachinko area and if your outfit matches the environment, you are practically invisible and you can knockout your enemies without even being spotted. Season 8 has enabled new HDR for high-end devices. Players can combine the HDR mode with extreme graphics and the in-game display will be enhanced exponentially. Visual details will be clearer and you will be spotting the enemies with more ease now. However, this feature is compatible with high-end devices only. To make sure the game is running smoothly, every device running the game at optimal settings. So, in order to use this mode, your device had to run the game without any lag or jitter. High Dynamic range will enhance the details in shadows and you will be able to see the object clearly from the distance.

RPC or Rating Protection Card:

Pushing to the conqueror league is the dream of every PUBG player and they spend a lot of time to push their ranks. Players adopt all kinds of strategies to make sure their points are not dropped and they are not getting de-ranked. Some players play aggressively in squads improving their kill to death ratio or K/D while some players land in remote places and to survive the map for as long as possible. But some time aggressive gameplay fails and you end up getting shot quite early while passive gameplay ruins your K/D ratio. So, Season 8 came with the solution to stop the people from de-ranking with the brand new Rating Protection card. While the card is active, there will be no negative points even if you are dead within the seconds of the landing. All you got to do is push and try to jump to the next tier. RPC really helps the players who love to push the tiers. But one thing you must know that you have to activate the RPC before the match otherwise you will receive the negative points and ultimately drop in the rank. Rating Protection card has a certain limitation. You are not allowed to use the card after crown tier. So, you got to take the final step yourself depending on your skills while for the rest of the journey RPC will be there for you.

PP19 Bizon:

In hot drop areas like Boot camp or Gergopol, when you are surrounded by enemies, you need a gun that has fairly good damage and lots of bullet in the chamber. Well, that exactly Season 8 brings for us. A new semi-machine gun PP-19 Bizon with the largest magazine so far in the game. The Bizon is pretty stable and can hold 53 bullets in one magazine. You can fire non-stop at the enemies and don’t even need to reload. Comparing it with the UMP9, Bizon has 23 extra bullets. Although, the gun doesn’t support any additional magazine extender 53 bullets are more than to knock at least 2 people from a fair distance. 9mm ammo is lead source for Bizon and gun is pretty lethal in close range battles with the advantages of extra bullets.

Tier Transfer:

Before season 8, stats of every player gets renewed as the next season was launched. There were many new players who struggled in their initial phase of the game and jumped from bronze to silver after losing a lot of games. To keep their morale high, Season 8 will maintain the ranking of Silver and bronze tier gamers and they can maintain their rating from season 7.

FPP mode in TDM:

Team Deathmatch mode was launched in Season 7 but the mode had a lot of issues. Guns were not visible for 10 to 20 seconds, map tool time to clear out and you are not able to play the TDM in the first-person perspective. Although players liked the third-person perspective as they can see the map but still there were some gamers who were used to FPP. Sadly for them, they had to play the game in TPP and you can say that they were enjoying the game completely or they were not in their zone. Thankfully in season 8, FPP mode is launched for TDM as well and the gamers can enjoy each mode according to their preference.


So, Season 8 was full of surprises and we did not expect Tencent games to introduce such amazing content. Surely, they managed to reel in the gamers with all-new ocean theme outfits. Even Shark Darcia is looking cute and you can avail all the perks by buying the Royale Pass. 

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