Spiderman – Far From Home, Spoiler Review

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As the title name suggests, this is a spoiler-filled review so that’s your warning. Spiderman -Far from home is the MCU movie. In the movie trailer, Peter also suggests not to watch this movie if you didn’t watch Avengers: Endgame because this movie does include spoilers for Avengers.

Tony Stark Death Impact:

The whole movie shows the presence of Tony Stark everywhere and it was subtle that there are posters everywhere and they honored him by saying that this is the guy who saved the world. So in every city, there’s going to be pictures of him and it not only is the world accepting that Peter Parker which is so close to him also accepting it. This is the most endearing part of the movie that even after the death of his mentor, Spiderman is still very strong.

Mysterio and Spiderman Bonding:

Spiderman is put together with Mysterio to help fight the giant fire elemental who destroyed the planet which Mysterio comes from, an alternative of Earth. They defeat the fired up giant together and celebrate in the bar where he gives Mysterio EDITH, which is a gift that contains all of the Stark Industries Tech, its defenses, its access to everything in a pair of interactive glasses.

Mysterio – A Super Villian:

The good thing about this movie is that it was paced much better than spider- homecoming. You didn’t get bored while watching this movie because it always felt that something is happening. Peter was always invested in some sort of adventure and something always testing him. Like when he has a moment alone with Mary Jane and then immediately be called back into something involving with some villain that initially appears to be the elementals is eventually revealed to be Quentin a.k.a Mysterio creating this whole amazing elaborate scheme to make him look like a hero but afterward, it reveals that he is the villain. This the best spoiler of this movie because in the trailer everyone thought that he will be the supporting hero with Spiderman.

Will the Spiderman be the Leader of Avengers After Ironman?

Spiderman – Far from Home is a great film with the whole tenure thing and infinity saga. It just takes a lot to take in emotionally and with time because the whole combination of this huge story is absolutely worth it. The story itself follows Peter immediately right after the events of Avengers: Endgame where he is dealing with being the Spiderman in this world and also expecting him to fill in the shoes of Tony Stark. A lot of films is circling around Aemon’s legacy, both positive and negative aspects of it. Everyone in relationship with Spiderman-like Aunt May, Zendaya and his friends is so enriched that makes him a much fuller character which suggests that he might be his journey to become the new Ironman.

Everyone knows the secret of Peter Parker:

In the movie, aunt May being fully aware that Peter is the Spiderman and accepting it is one of the most annoying aspects of the character. This feels so bored that everyone knows his secret identity.

Romance With Mary Jane:

Central to this film is the romance between Peter and MJ. The chemistry between both Tom Holland and Zendaya is so good that most of the people thought that MJ was one-dimensional in Spiderman- Homecoming but here they really fresh up the character. The way she like ancient history and Peter is fully into her. Just like the scene, where she is really obsessed with black dahlia and the moment she spent together are really genuine.

Spider Man PS4 game:

The illusion set pieces in the movie are very high concept and even we will look forward to a Spiderman- Far From Home game or comics itself and there are some scenes in the movie that looks really real. So they are the most impressive visual sequence of all time even we saw great visual work in Doctor Strange or Inception but this is so interesting and it genuinely feels that comic generally comes to life.

How Spiderman Beats Mysterio:

While Mysterio was a former Tony Stark worker who wishes vengeance on Stark and other superheroes, he also intends to be considered a hero himself and fills the most important place left behind by Iron Man. Mysterio is much better than Spiderman throughout the movie due to his sophisticated hologram technology. It’s hard to battle someone when the reality around you is constantly being distorted and changed. The climax of the movie takes place in London, on and around Tower Bridge where Mysterio launches another hollow graphic attack. After prolonging the battle, Mysterio controlling the drones remotely, Peter uses his “Peter Tingles” to sensually looks through the illusions and take down the drones. Along the way, Mysterio catches some gunfire and seems to be the Peter mercy as peter gained control over the Starks weapon system known as “EDITH” that operates the drones. But lastly, the villain has one last illusion in his sleeve as it turns out the Mysterio was the actually fake and real one was trying to shot Peter in the head. There his spider-sense came in and avoid being shot and defeated Mysterio.

What’s the Future Of Spiderman:

Spider-Man after Far From Home is in a lot of difficulties. He’s not only likely running out of the law, but everyone understands who he is. Having revealed your secret identity to the globe and being sought as a result of murder, Spidey likely wants Thanos to transform him into dust right now. It’s difficult to see a third film doing anything but having Peter Parker clear his name. There’s a very nice possibility that Spider-Man could go undercover until that –which could be 2021 if we go by the moment it requires Sony to squeeze out each Spider-Man film. Don’t expect any other Phase 4 films from him, that’s for sure.

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