What are the best iOS emulators for android?

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iPhones have dominated the smartphones market for some time now and in fact Apple industry revolutionized the mobile phones back in early days. With elegant mobile design and super-fast processors, developers also worked extremely hard to build world-class applications and games. Recently, Fortnite stormed the gaming industry and props to the developers who make the iOS version of the game as well and you can actually download the all hyped up game from trusted sources. Android lacks in that department as game is not available on official play store and you had to download the game from third-party websites risking your privacy. One thing is the design and security, but iPhones are usually on the higher side as well when we talk about the prices. And most of the people cannot afford the new models of iPhones and cannot enjoy the cool games and application. But thanks to the emulators, you can play all the iOS games and run all the iOS applications on your Android device. All you got to do is choose the best emulator and you are good to go to play all your favorite games especially Fortnite on your Android device.

One thing you must know that these emulators are not available on official play store, so you got to download from the official websites of the emulators to avoid any fake emulators. Now let’s jump to the list of best emulators out there to help you run the iOS apps on your Android.

  1. Cider: The Cider emulator is absolutely free software without any in-store purchases. Plus point of this awesome emulator is that you don’t need to root your Android in order to run the iOS games and applications. The emulator is extremely efficient and allows the smooth app running on your Android. Developers also prefer cider emulator to test the applications so, you can get the idea about how good the emulator is. You can install all the iOS applications without any trouble or difficult procedure.

  2. IEMU: IEMU is a fairly good emulator and giving tough competition to cider. You can enjoy all the iOS applications for free and the gameplay of all the games will be smooth and you can enjoy good graphics as well. The emulator is good to go for rooted and no-rooted devices so, you don’t need to worry about rooting your Android just to run the emulator. The only thing that you need to focus on while using the IEMU emulator is that you must have at least 1 GB of RAM available otherwise the application might not run as efficiently as they run of any other high-end Android device. Its supports both .ipas and .zip files so you all types of games and applications are covered in the IEMU.
  3. IOSEMUS: IOSEmus is another top of the line emulator with remarkably easy GUI and all the applications are categorized so you can easily find the desired application. Games are also available and you can even download the paid games for free. If the direct download is not working for the paid games, you can use lucky patcher to get the respective game for free. The process of downloading all the applications and games is very easy and variety of themes are available so you can adjust the settings according to your comfortability. Another plus point of IOSEmusis that it allows you to install the games and applications that require jailbreak even if you have iOS device.
  4. All In One iOS Emulator: All in One iOS developer is one of the few emulators that allow you to access Siri as well along with all the applications. XDA developers were proud to present this amazing emulator that can run all the games and application without any lag and also supports Siri. Siri functionality will be same just like you are using an expensive iPhone and you can run all sorts of games on your Android device. Paid apps can also be downloaded for free with this efficient emulator. The only drawback that we have encountered so far is the graphic user interface. If we compare it with IOSEmus GUI, All in One iOS emulator GUI is pretty average. You can say it’s decent enough to let you download the applications but it’s not the best.On the other hand, you get the features like original iOS music app and camera and both the applications are genuinely amazing.
  5. Appetize IO: Appetize IO is relatively different from all the other emulators as you don’t need to download any application or game in order to run that. All you got to do is open Appetize IO and a virtual iOS will pop up. It will be just like you are using an iPhone and you can directly access the applications or games from there. IOS interface will have the applications and you can see them just like in any other iPhone. You can access the game center if you are into gaming and like the iOS games. You can log into the facebook and enjoy iOS display design and other features along with that.

So according to the user experiences, these 5 are the best iOS emulators out there. You need to choose the best one according to your phone specifications and you are good to go.

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