Review of Acer Predator Helios 700

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In the market or in offices we are used to thin laptops or mid-range gaming laptops that are light in weight and also carry a graphics card. For the gamers, desktop PCs were the only optimal choice as a heating issue with the laptops can be costly. In the midst of modern and fancy laptops, Acer launched a gaming-dedicated predator series. Predator series might be a little heavy but carries all the poison that could help you play any game at ultra graphics and smooth FPS. Recently a new build was introduced to predator series known as Acer Predator Helios 700. Many gaming laptops are available in the market but the thing that makes Helios 700 unique is the sliding keyboard. When you slide the keyboard, it opens up the panel exposing fans and the trackpad is adjusted so it can be used without hurting the wrist position.

Sliding Keyboard:

Let’s start reviewing the machine with its unique feature that is, of course, the sliding keyboard. When the idea was presented by the developers, the majority opinion was that it will be just show off and you won’t be able to use the laptop comfortably. But when the laptop was tested, the keyboard ended up being comfortable and the position was also quite natural. You never feel that the keyboard is extended and fans are exposed for the purpose of cooling the device. Apart from the sliding feature, the keyboard also fancies full-color backlight and for the gamers, WSAD is labeled separately. Predator Sense software can be used to customize the RGB setup for each key. You can create a pattern with the colors or can go with the theme of your laptop. Possibilities are endless to make your keyboard perfect.


The predator Helios 700 is quite heavy and it has the weight of around 4.5 kg which quite understandable being a gaming laptop with all cool specs. You won’t be able to carry it around like a regular laptop because of its weight. But if you are dedicated enough and can carry that kind of weight then Helios 700 is perfectly portable. Talking about the design, the machine is well maintained and strong build to make sure the long-lasting life. Robust design and cool features surely made our Helios 700 as one of the demanding laptops. With the huge build like this, you won’t find any port missing. Talk about the ethernet port or HDMI port, VGA port or USB type C ports, audio, and mic jack or micro sd card slots, Helios 700 has all. Topping it off, Helios 700 carries 5.1 channel speakers setup built-in so you can connect any subwoofer with the laptop for maximum result.

Screen size and resolution:

For gamers, a super screen with a high refresh rate is the dream combo and guess what, Helios 700 has the perfect and better combo. Helios 700 carry 17.3 inches of the IPS display screen with 144 Hz of refresh rate. The screen allows the gamers to run the games at 1080p and the gaming will also be the smooth but only sad thing about the screen is that it lack 4k HD display. We know the price gets inflated with the 4K screen but for the monster build like this 4k resolution will be like a cherry on the top.

Ultimate Specs:

We have talked about all the external parts and some flexing by the sliding keyboard but the thing that attracts all the gamers is the hardware specifications and complete information regarding the parts that Helios 7 carries.

  • Helios 700 runs the mighty i9 9980 Hk that allows the machine to run at ultra-fast speed. You will never have to wait for programs and games to load up as the processing time is incredibly fast.
  • Helios 700 has the only purpose of making the gaming experience super. Keeping that view in mind, Acer team has equipped the Helios 700 with RTX 2080 that is the best in the business of GPU. With the beast-like 2080, you can run every game at maximum fps. Helios 700 has set the highest benchmark for 5 games proving its worth as the best gaming laptop of 21st century.
  • 64 GB of RAM eases the multitasking for Helios 700. So, the overall performance of the Laptop is super amazing and the hardware it carries is also top-notch.
  • Storage capacity is never an issue with Helios 700. The beast is equipped with 2 TB of SATA hard drives and the option of 1 TB SSD hard drive. The owner can choose how much space he or she wants and Helios 700 will be configured to that storage wish.

Noise issue:

With 4 fans constantly spinning, we noticed that the laptop is pretty noisy. The noise is in term of fans spinning to cool down the machine whenever heavy games are running. As the fan spins, the air gets circulated through the pipes cooling down the graphics card and processor. Heating of the core components is normal as playing heavy games require a considerable amount of system resources and to free the hands of the graphics card, we require cooling off all the time. So, noise can become music for the gamers as they will know that these fans will be supplying continuous air for cooling of the graphics card and graphics card will provide steady frames per second for smooth gaming.

Final Say:

Talking about the gaming performance, there is no denying the Helios 700 knows what it’s doing. With the latest GPU and supporting processor, maximum performance is guaranteed. Hyperdrift keyboard is also a cool feature and handy at the same time. Overclocking ability also allows you to enhance the performance even more so you cannot ask for more. The only thing that is marring the beauty of this magical machine is middling display and the weight of the machine. Apart from that, Acer has done justification with this masterpiece and specifications are really reeling the customers in to go for this amazing gaming rig.

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