How to hide gameplay on your steam account

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Steam is the king of the third-party store and is loaded will all kinds of games. For all the legal purchases and unlock the multiplayer modes, gamers opt the steam and continued support for the gamers have turned steam into a giant gaming hub. People often chat up with their gaming buddies and unique ID helps in differentiating the real from the fake ones. You are always playing different kinds of games and if you have a personality and image of a hardcore gamer in the community, you might not want other gamers to know that you enjoy Hello Kitty: Island adventures too. Usually, gamers have a taste and they like the specific genre of the games, but sometimes they just want to chill off and relax. So, they choose mini-games and spend time. Whenever you create an account on steam, it automatically shows other gamers about which games you are playing and how much time have you spent online. Any gamer can check your gaming history by opening your profile. For some gamers, playing mini-games is embarrassing and in any case, if they play, they don’t want people to know about it. Don’t worry, you can hide your gaming activities in the steam and no one will be able to see which game you are playing the most.

Steam provides unique data of your gaming history and lists the online timing as well. In the beginning, the option was set by the developers but with the updates and bug fixes, Valve turned the default setting back to private. But some gamers allowed other apps to turn their setting to the public as there are many applications that offer deals and to provide you with the best package, they need to know which games you are interested in the most. So, in order to redeem those discount codes, you allowed the third-party application to change the privacy settings to public. Let’s go through a step-by-step process to change the settings back to private. So, no one can see your profile activity again.

  • Open up the profile by moving the cursor to your username at the top right corner of the steam.
  • You will the option of edit profile on the right. Click on that button.
  • “My privacy settings” will pop in the next window. Go for that option.
  • Here you will see three options for Game details. Public, Friends only, Private.
  • If you go for the private option, your profile will stay from all of the steam users. Your friends won’t able to see your profile activity or see which game you are playing the most.
  • Friends only mode will allow your steam friends to have a look at your gameplay details. But no one from outside can see your details.
  • Choose the option that is suitable for you and click save.

If you are super-shy of a specific game and don’t want your friends to know about the game you are currently playing, you can go invisible from the steam chat. The step is necessary otherwise your friends will get the notification that you have started playing that certain game and that’s not something that you want to happen. To make this happen, you need to go to the tab of friends and chat and change your status from online to invisible. You can also choose offline or do not disturb mode depending on the situation.

For some gamers, there is a situation of the parental watch and they had made the deal to play for specific hours only. But we all know gaming can never be contained. If you are in a flow, you can go for hours without even noticing. With the games like PUBG, DOTA, Fortnite, Call of Duty, time flies. Now, if you don’t want to get caught playing some specific game that you are not supposed to play, then steam could give you away easily as that game would be added to your library. But wait for a second, is there any setting that you don’t know about which can hide that game from the library? Of course, you can. All you got to do is check the box of “Hide this game in my library” when you are accessing the game and game won’t appear in the list. Although your online friends might able to see the game through your game activity anyone who has access to your PC can’t find out which game you are playing. With the addition of Gore games, Adult only games, and Not safe for work type game, you cannot risk leaving the games exposed in your library. Few steps to hide the games are:

  • First, you need to find out the game that you want to hide from your Steam library.
  • Right-click on the game and look for the option of Set categories.
  • Check the box of “Hide this game in my library” and you are all set.

If you want to access the hidden game, you need to go to the category box. The box will right next to the search option. In that list, you can see all your games and at the bottom, there will an option for hidden games as well. To unhide any of the hidden games, just right-click on it and choose the option “Remove from hidden” and the game will pop up again in your steam library.

Hiding any game is a reversible process. You can choose which games you want to see in your library. For hardcore gamers, the options are numerous. So, they hide the games that they don’t play continuously and keep the library fresh and loaded with the most frequent games that you play.

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