What to do with your Android Phone without Wi-Fi?

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We all are so attached to the smartphones that we rarely think about leaving the phone intentionally or not staying connected with the Wi-Fi. Our lives got attached to the social media and web so much that we feel something is missing when there is no internet. We often came across the situations where the internet stopped working and you don’t know what to do with your Android. Wi-Fi can be out of various possibilities but the important thing here is that we miss the continuous connection globally. We think that our smartphones are useless without internet and for some people it might be true but we could point out few things that can help you in spending your time on your android even if you are not connected with Wi-Fi.

  1. If you are into web articles or you follow blogs and pages online, then you can actually save some articles for the rainy days like these. For example, if you are into gaming blogs and want to buy a new game but want to read the reviews first, then you can actually download the article and read it on your flight, subway or office where you have limited or no access to the internet. In this way, you can pass your free time along with getting the desired information.
  2. With the increase in social media marketing, more people have started to follow the news and stuff on social apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube. Podcasts are always there to entertain you and if you are connected with the internet, streaming is not an issue, but there is an option to save the podcast in your device so it can be played offline. You just need to be prepared for the situation like these and have one or two episodes already downloaded in the device so you can listen whenever you are getting bored because of no internet connectivity.
  3. No internet gives you ample time to plan your day carefully and even you can map out the plans that you can need to accomplish. All you got to do is use the time well and instant of wasting the time, use it to make some sort of checklist that you must complete at the day end or week. This way you don’t get bored when the Wi-Fi is not available and you can do something productive with the spare time as well.
  4. Make the phone calls that you were ignoring or pretending not possible because of the busy schedule. There are always some cases when you actually want to call someone and just got hung up on a post, article, or video and you actually forgot to make the call. Whenever the internet is not working, you can actually gather your thoughts and think about any missing calls that you forgot to make. It can be a doctor’s appointment, or a reunion call to an old friend, or a routine checkup of your pet. You can prioritize the things when things are not in your favor.
  5. Music is famous for being food for the souls and different genres are basically for different moods. If you are feeling sad, you cannot listen to rock music or rap songs and the same case goes for the sad songs that you don’t want to listen in happy mood. So, you got to segregate the songs according to the mood and you can let your android decide which song will cheer you up the most. To accomplish that, you need to make playlists for different moods and in that playlist, but only those songs that you want to listen to at that specific moment. What better time to do that than doing it when you are not connected with the internet. This allows them time to pass swiftly and now you have separate playlist for separate moods. So, it’s a win-win situation.
  6. You can always try different offline apps like editing apps or books library. You can learn how to fix the issue in your pictures or videos and then you can also post the perfect insta selfie that you always wished for. Frankly speaking, it’s all about giving time to something. You can actually put your android to good use by learning skills as well because smartphones are not only for social media or web surfing. Books can also be the perfect time killer and you can learn valuable lessons from them as well. There are different applications available that allow you to read books even if you are offline.
  7. Lots and lots of free games are available in play store that you can download to kill the time. All-time favorites like Subway surfers, Temple Run, Candy crush, fruit ninja, they all can be played in offline mode as well and believe me you will never miss that you are not connected to the internet. Games are always regarded as the best activity to spend free time or steam off the stress. You don’t want to disturb your free time just because of no internet access. So, these splendid offline games are big plus that you won’t have to rely on internet of Wi-Fi. It’s the specialty of the game that you can enjoy it anywhere despite the conditions. All you got to have is an Android and you are good to go.
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