Window’s 10 Game bar and new features:

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Microsoft is trying to sneak into the gaming industry through the Windows as well. With the new features introduced in Windows 10, they are certainly not joking about the claims. Before the latest update release, Microsoft has added the Game bar that allowed the gamers to record the screen. Basically, they can record their gameplays without having to download any third-party application. But with the latest release, the game bar has turned into an amazing overlay with all kinds of features that can be used while gaming. Few of the core features are application volume controls, CPU and RAM usage, and synchronization with Spotify to play your favorite music.

How to access the game bar:

If you are playing a game or using any other application, you need to press the “Windows + G” button and the bar will appear as an overlay. The option is most useful when you are gaming as checking on the resources is really important and if something is consuming more than usual, you will know that system might be heating up or the game is affecting the performance of the machine. The name itself is pretty silly as the whole overlay is not a bar but an overlay with all kinds of options. You can also choose which panels you want to see whenever the game bar is opened. You can choose the panels by pressing on the home button and then selecting the favorite ones.

If “Windows + G” command is not working, then the game bar is not enabled through the settings. Go to settings, then game settings and finally game bar. When you are enabling the option, make sure you have given them access to the application to record, take a screenshot and allow broadcasting to free the hands of the wonderful application. If you have no interest in games, you can still use this exceptional overlay to control the volume of various applications like Spotify, Skype, and system sounds.

Monitor the performance of your PC:

For gamers, keeping an eye on the system performance is critical. This ensures the health of the system and hardware won’t get affected due to intense gaming. Performance panel is available to keep an eye on GPU, CPU, and RAM performance. When you are playing any high-end game that requires system resources, it is good practice that you monitor the system performance. The performance will be shown in the form of percentage and graph and you don’t have to rely on third-party software like MSI afterburner to analyze the system performance while gaming. If you are not playing any game and still face some issues or delayed response from the application, you can quickly press the “Windows + G” button and overlay of system performance will pop-up. You can check from there which application is consuming the system resources aggressively and you can turn off or restart that application.

Control the settings:

You can make the adjustment to the overlay settings to suit your requirement. For example, you want to control the volume quickly and repeatedly. Opening and closing the game bar again is not wise. The settings allow you to pin any specific tab or overlay and pin it on the top. So, whenever you are using any application, that overlay will always be there to let you control the settings. You can adjust the volume at will now without having to press different combos.


The game bar has special integration for Spotify application and the gamers who enjoy music with gaming love this feature. All you got to do is pull the Spotify tab and pin it on the top. So, now if you are playing the game and want to change the song, you don’t need to minimize the game. You can use the pinned overlay to control the application. Before enjoying the songs, you need to have an account for Spotify. So, if you have Windows 10 then your Alt + tab days are might over.

Broadcast and Capture:

The main purpose of this beautiful overlay was to give the gamers the ability to record their gameplay, take a screenshot whenever they want, and ever share their gaming strategies with the world through live streaming. The godly panel is here for easy access and to make sure everything is simple and easy to use. Apart from the gameplay, you can record tutorials where you teach others about different software or teach the new gamers how to configure the games, etc. You can use this feature as a desktop recorder and upload the recording to any platform afterward. Microsoft input is also integrated, so this makes it complete video recording software without any limitations. All the videos are saved in MP4 that is compatible with almost all the video streaming platforms like Youtube. The videos are saved at the default location in C drive.

Xbox live Chat:

In the start, many gamers thought that game bar was originally meant to facilitate the chat for Xbox players. But the developers surprised everyone by offering a variety of features and every feature holds the capacity to facilitate you. However, Xbox branding cannot be denied. There is a widget that allows you to interact socially with the Xbox players. You can also search for groups and play with your friends as well. This feature is primarily focused on just Xbox users. Even with the little branding like this, we cannot neglect all the amazing features that game bar has to offer and if you have not updated your Windows 10 yet, it is the prime time for you to get on with the updates and enjoy the cool features of brand new game bar.

Final Say:

All the features are unique in their own way and Microsoft has certainly surprised everyone with the unique overlays and loads of controls to set the game bar according to your need. Game bar is one of the best built-in features so far offered by the windows and gamers actually like it.

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