Call of Duty Modern Warfare new Multiplayer mode and many more

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Call of duty franchise goes way back and we can say that the franchise laid the foundation to the competitive gaming. With intense 5v5 LAN matches back in early 2000, everyone loved to play the game. Graphics and the guns gave the realistic feeling whenever you are playing the game and you get reeled in to play the game all night. With the scope of improvement, the pro players got a considerable advantage as they learned the critical spots to hold A and B bomb sites, and unveiled crucial wall bang spots which could kill the opponent without giving them a chance. Amidst of all the modern games like Apex legends, PUBG, Fortnite, Call of duty has certainly lost its charm. There is considerably less Call of duty players than any other above-mentioned game. However, there are rumors that Infinity Ward has been trying to revive the Call of duty and the gaming community is excited about it. Memers are already sharing the memes specifically targeting the PUBG and Fortnite that their glory days are now ever and the king will be back. So, with the official statement from the Infinity Ward, we will be hoping to see the first glimpse of the game in late 2019. The game is expected to be released on Oct 25, 2019. Expected platforms will be XOne, PS4, and PC.

More Updates and News:

Infinity Ward has shared the live stream in which we got the first official look of Call of Duty Modern Warfare’s multiplayer mode. Deducing from the stream, we are accepting to see a 2 on 2 Gun fight mode. There are some major changes expectations but we, at the moment, are not 100% sure. However, we can guess the updates depending on the expectations of the gamers. According to the social media handle of the call of duty, we are expecting a live stream on twitch in the coming month. Timings will be 10 AM Pacific Time / 1 PM European Time / 6 PM British Summer Time on 1st of August. For the viewers from Australian Eastern timezone, they can catch the live stream on 2nd August at 3 AM. The picture will get cleared up as we will be watching the beta version in action. More gunfights and different modes will be introduced which we never see on classic Call of duty Modern Warfare suite. Live streaming will be done of, So, mark the day’s guys as we will be seeing some intense fights.

The most interesting feature that everyone was waiting for is the crossover play in Call of duty. Infinity Ward suggested that they are remaking Call of duty 2007 but the story will be completely different. Crossover play feature will help the gamers stay united. The step was initiated to keep the whole Call of duty community on a single platform and everyone can enjoy the game from their favored platform and battle for the ultimate glory. Currently, we are hearing the news that Call of duty will be released for Xone, PS4, and PC. Infinity Ward also announced the huge step in doing away with the Royale pass structure and all the content that will be released after the game will be absolutely free and gamers can avail the chance without having to pay for anything.


We are hopefully getting the news in August about the progression system of the new Modern Warfare. We are expecting the progression system to be even throughout the game. This will mean that you can level up your guns, skins, kill streaks, and Emotes in both single and multiplayer mode. The achievements won’t be segregated for both modes and players can enjoy the perks in both modes. The official statement is yet to be released so we are still unsure about the linkage between the single and multiplayer mode. But the hints dropped by the Infinity Ward are they want a one complete game concept and every mode will be linked to each other somehow.

Gunfight Mode:

The gaming community is excited about the Gunfight mode that the Call of duty Modern Warfare is offering. Details are still bleak but we are expecting teams of two players fighting against each other in mini map or zone. It will be a race to 6 matches and the team winning the 6 matches first will be victorious. The guns and other gears are balanced for both teams so we will be seeing even match making and the teams had to rely on skills to topple off the opponent. The battles will surely be full of intense moments and crazy gaming. We are still not sure about the premium pass game plays and extra perks for the gamers who invest in the game.

No Zombie Mode:

A lot of news is still rumors but infinity ward has explicitly quoted that there will be no Zombie mode in Call of duty Modern warfare. The news might be shocking for the new gamers but Modern warfare franchise is famous for its realistic nature of gaming. Zombie mode in call of duty was introduced by black ops franchise. Minkoff said in the recent interview and I quote “we’re trying to create an authentic, realistic feeling world. We don’t have the flexibility to do something like put zombies in the game”. Minkoff also said that they are not willing to compromise the vision of the developers and they want them to target the realistic and authentic nature of the which was the pioneer of Modern Warfare franchise.

So we are crystal clear on cross-platform gaming and no zombie mode in call of duty modern warfare. However, other modes and type of play are still not shared by the developers on any platform. We are hoping to get some exclusive news in the coming month regarding the future of Modern warfare and how much competition does Call of duty will offer to the mighty competitors like PUBG and fortnite.

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