Fortnite Island Codes

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Discover our selection of the best creative islands useful for training and warming up under construction on Fortnite Battle Royale.

Until a few weeks ago, you had to go to the Playground mode to warm up or practice building. Despite Epic Games’ efforts to optimize this mode, you didn’t have the possibility to save your routes and so you were wasting time.

But thanks to the Creative mode that appeared for Season 7, you no longer have this problem. In addition, you can let strangers run courses for you using the codes you can enter.

These courses designed by players will allow you to warm up easily but also you can become better in your game mechanics, whether it is the construction itself or the modifications for example.

Modification, construction and approval (by Noizeeh)

Code: 7673-1342-9053
Type: fast (3-5 minutes)

Modification, construction and inspection (by Martoz & Noizeeh)

Code: 3939-9108-1428
Type: fast (3-5 minutes)

Modification (by Fledermoys)

Code: 4396-2961-2748
Type: long (15-20 minutes)

Ranked / Bet 1v1s

Author: ITEMM

Clear fights, be honest and enjoy it

Code: 6785-4378-8605

Escape from the desolate desert

Author: ghosttt121212
Escape and Maze card: 1-6 players. This map has 8 levels, difficulty: medium, difficult, not traps either.

Code: 8354-8424-0165

Escape Room v0.2

Unknown author
Welcome to the FlashyPro escape room, this escape room is of medium hardness. Enjoy this escape room!

Code: 5340-6577-2408

Flea’s Edit Practice Map

Author: Youtube_Flea
Creator Code: Flea

Code: 9169-3672-0407

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