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Gaming rigs have always been changing. Once Nintendo was dominating and then play station swept the floor. Xbox came to the competition and then high-end gaming PCs started to steal the show. For us gamers, there are memories in all platforms and we would love if we can play retro games again. In actual sense, this means that we actually have to set up supporting platforms for different games and install the components to reach the minimum benchmarks to run the game smoothly. Setting up different platforms might be possible but it would make no sense as you only want to relive the moment for some time and after that you will go back to the latest versions with high-end games. So, what’s the best option to satisfy the craves of retro games? Happy chick emulator is your answer.

Happy chick emulator is a unique emulator that allows you to play loads of games including the retro games from multiple platforms on a single device. Yes, you heard right. All of your favorite games can be playable on one device. Emulating allows you to do cross-platform gaming and happy chick emulator is an ideal and perfect example.  You can download the emulator from the official website and one thing you must know is that the emulator language is Chinese by default but you can easily change the language. You can click on the bottom right icon labeled as manage and then go to settings. In the settings, you can see the language and then choose the desired language to understand the emulator and choose the desired game.

After you have selected the language, the happy chick emulator will open. At first, the emulator is a bit difficult to grasp with multiple banners and totally different graphical user interface. There are multiple emulators available in the categories menu supporting different platforms. You can select the desired format and the list of games will pop up and you can download the game of the local storage by pressing the Get button on the preferred game.  Downloading the games directly from the happy chick is actually its highlighting feature. This means that you don’t have to download the games from untrusted sources or the games that you download are not supported by happy chick. With the internal downloads, you won’t have to worry about the format as the game will be downloaded in the format that is accessible from your device or system.

List of platforms or games that can be emulated is pretty decent. You can enjoy all the versions of Play Station, Nintendo 64, MAME, and almost every other console that you could think of. You can enjoy all the retro games and can adjust the screen according to your device. You can use separate controllers in case the screen is not big enough. You can also download android games and can emulate just like that.

Controls of the happy chick are relatively easy. Any game that you want to play will be opened in the respective emulator and you can play without any kinds of restriction. If you want to go back to the beginning, just tap on the home button and it reroutes you to the sub-menu. From the submenu, you can go back to the main menu and that’s it. You can also make the necessary adjustments to modify the settings according to your preferred settings. All the games are super easy to access and you don’t need to go to the trouble of rooting or jailbreaking the device.

We have discussed above how to use the happy chick to install the game but for iOS user, you might face the problem as the downloaded application will not be from the trusted source and your device won’t allow that game to run. For example, if you have downloaded Pokemon GO by pressing the get button and downloading the game. You will receive an error that application is not trusted. In that case you need to go to your settings and then device management. Look for the source that has published the game and click on that option. After that you can see the option of trust Pokemon GO marked as red. Press on that and the game will be added as a trusted application. Now check again, the game will run perfectly. Trusting the application is necessary and there are chances that you had to add happy chick to the trusted list as well because the emulators are third-party application.

The cool thing about the happy chick is that all the latest games have been added so you don’t have to think about another second before choosing. Even the latest sensation, PUBG, is available so you can imagine the hype and attention that happy chick will be getting and why not the emulator is designed to be absolutely perfect.

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