Review: Life is Strange 2: Episode 2 DONTNOD is a geek!

Released on January 24th, Episode 2 of Life is Strange 2 offered an original launch teasing! The DONTNOD studios surprised fans with a live action trailer with Sean’s official dubber. A nice wink with a scene from the first episode. If you haven’t done the 1st episode of Life Is Strange 2 yet – I advise you not to watch this trailer. And maybe also to read this article. As usual, I try not to spoil too much on episode 2 but obviously, I risk spoiling you much more on this excellent 1st episode.

Home Sweet Home

While in the 1st episode of Life is Strange 2, Daniel learned quite brutally of his father’s death, causing a hell of a mess in their motel, the situation seems to have calmed down in this second episode. Our two bros have temporarily taken up residence in a small house lost in the middle of a snow-covered wood teeming with small and large hungry babies. In other words, the place is rather hostile. Already here for a few days and tired of the endless canned ravioli, Sean and Daniel have to leave. They decide to go to their maternal grandparents that Daniel never knew. But before that, a new trial for our poor Daniel – and for us – who at the same time is getting stronger and stronger with the help of his new power.

So we quickly exchange the pretty snow-covered landscapes for the grandparents’ big house, which after a first suspicious contact, are understanding and welcoming. This is an opportunity for our two heroes to regain their health and enjoy Granny’s good food. But on one condition: to comply with its rather strict rules. At the same time, let us remember that our two heroes are fugitives wanted for theft, assault and murder and that they should not be detected. Sean must also impose his rules on a Daniel who is increasingly gaining confidence. And who asks more and more questions about their mother. An irritating subject for Claire. You have to push grandma! You too can feel the storm coming?!

DONTNOD raises the tension over an ultra well-balanced episode and we clench our teeth more than ever.

Great power implies great responsibility

But what we like best about this second episode is the surprise DONTNOD had in store for us since the Extraordinary Adventures of Captain Spirit last June. The little scoundrels! As soon as the episode starts, we are informed, to our great pleasure, that « Captain Spirit’s data has been imported ». Finally, everything can be explained in this second episode with the meeting of our dear Chris! And without telling you too much, DONTNOD has managed to integrate it into the story in a very logical, intelligent and above all touching way. This nice surprise also allows us to nuance a little the opinion we had of Chris’ father….

It’s also at this turning point in history that we will really become aware of the impact of our choices. And unlike Maxine in Life is Strange 1, here our characters do not have the power to go back… And if the main character is not the one who has the power this time, it is still up to him to decide whether or not to use Daniel’s power depending on the situation. This is where the title of this second episode, « Rules », comes into its own. But the best decisions will not always be the ones we believe…. We will bite our fingers for the most dramatic consequences. Special mention for the end of the episode where, as expected, everything goes in chaos.

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