Tips and Tricks to win the game in PUBG mobile

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After the great success on the PC version, PUBG has shattered the mobile games as well with supreme graphics and intense gaming experience. People are going crazy about the PUBG mobile and the efficiency of the game speaks for itself. Players from around the globe find themselves busy in playing the most popular game of the decade. Intense gaming experience and in-game voice chat feature connected many friends on the gaming platform and they can play as a squad and finish off the enemies. 100 players entering and only one squad can survive the wrath of enemies, red zone, and blue zone. Skills matter in winning the game but if you follow a few tips and tricks, you might find yourself in the perfect spot for winner winner chicken dinner.

  • When you are taking off from the plane, always land in the places with a small cluster of buildings. Usually, rushers and pro players go towards the hot drop points like Pochinki, Georgopol, or Military base and there are high chances that you might end up dead within the first minute. But if you land away from them, you get the chance to collect the supplies and gun and hold the high vantage point to pick the enemies one by one.
  • If there are enemies close by, never go for head-on battle. Because if they landed first there are strong chances that they got their hands on a gun and you will end up dead. Always look to replenish your stock first and once you have the right weapon, go all guns blazing on the enemies.
  • You can tell by looking at the building that they are looted or not. All you need to do is look for open doors, cars parked right next to the building, or stay very still and listen for any kind of movement. Once you have noticed that there are players, you can either choose to engage them or sneak away from them without getting killed.
  • If you like rush gaming and want to experience the thrill of knocking out the enemies then shotgun can be your best partner. Although the range is not far for the hot drops like Georgopol or Novo, you don’t need long range weapons. A single clean shot of shotgun can knock out the enemy without giving him the chance to fire at you.
  • When you start playing PUBG mobile regularly, you will try different weapons at first. At from all the weapons, you will find some that are comfortable with your playing style. Once you have got that weapon, stick to it throughout the game. This can help in boosting the confidence and you will feel you can take down any person with that weapon.
  • The maps of PUBG mobile are considerably larger in size. So, to scout the maximum area for the enemies, keep your eyes open for the scope. You can find the scopes from 2x to 8x. However, you can use the 8x scope only on snipers. So, scopes can provide the advantage if you are into camping.
  • If an enemy is spraying you with bullets never go to prone or run in a straight line. If you do either of these you will be sitting duck and the opponent will finish you off instantly. The best strategy in that scenario is to run in a zigzag manner and try to find the cover. Zigzag movement pattern can make the aiming hard for the enemies and you can earn that extra second to get to the cover.
  • PUBG mobile developers have done complete justice while developing the game. Every movement has a different sound. So, if you notice, you can tell whether the person is running, crouching, or sneaking up on you while pronning. So, whenever you are in the final moments of the match, take off your boots. This will make your movement a lot quieter and you can kill the enemies without giving the location.
  • The red zone is the area where all the explosives rain from the sky. So, if you are playing squad and had to go through the red zone, don’t walk too close to each other. Try to avoid the red zone as you don’t want your game to be finished by getting killed by an explosive.
  •  Camping at the edge of the blue zone is just a perfect spot. As you are safe from the storm, there high chances that people will be rushing to get to the safe zone. At that moment you can pick off the opponent or you can pin them down outside the safe zone and the storm will do the rest.
  • Vehicles can be very beneficial at the start of the match. You can go to the places with the best loot and get back to the safe zone without getting trapped in the storm. However, in the later part of the game, vehicle sound can give away your location. So use the vehicle wisely.
  • Supply drops carry special resources and special guns. In the greed of those guns, everyone rushes towards the supply drop. Unless you are 100% sure that there are no enemies, supply drops are not worth the risk.
  • Playing with friends can increase your chances of winning as you will go to places together and if anyone of you gets knocked out, the other member of the squad can revive you. Squad with friends can help in looking in all the direction and marking the location of the enemies if anyone spots them
  • Peek and fire more is really great when you are engaging a person from a low vantage point. Peek will show minimum part of your body and you can aim at the enemy without exposing too much of your body.

These are the few tips that can help you in winning the game. The most important thing to win the game is patience. Wait for the perfect moment and when that moment arrives don’t hesitate for a single second and wipe the enemies out.

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