Can Gaming improve the attention and help in the growth of the brain

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Whenever we listen to the word gaming or gamers, the popular opinion of the people is that the games are ruining the children. They always stay attached to the computer or mobile and don’t indulge in extracurricular activities. Most parents use stern hand to stop their child from playing the games and force them to either study or play outside. Their opinion is not 100% wrong as physical exercises are really great for the growth of mind and body. The person stays fit and enjoys a healthy life. However, undermining the gaming totally is just wrong. According to the new study, scientists uncover new findings that gaming can actually increase the growth rate of the brain. The news might shock some people but if you notice the pattern you will see that gaming needs the person to have quick reflexes to kill the opponent or hear carefully and pre mediate their next moves relying on the senses. So, the discovery was a matter of time and not completely shocking. But to sooth, the jangling nerves research has been uploaded in Journal frontier and the researchers backed their claims by proven facts and figure.

The official study was conducted by the scientists of China and gave the verdict that gaming can actually improve the growth of the human brain. They said that the group of gamers was able to filter out the extra information and stay focused on the topic without too much difficulty. To back the theory with the facts, scientists carried the research on around 29 people. They divided the group of gamers and non-gamers. The gamers they recruited were professionals and are taking part in the E-sports event for a while now. On the other hand, non-gamers were those people who play little to no games and enjoy spending their time away from the games.

Scientists carried out the visual selective attention test. The test is for the purpose of rating the people on how well they can perform the designated task with all the other less important routines. How well a person can prioritize the important tasks from the less important ones? Handling the multitasking and filtering out the excessive information shows how well a person is using the brain and scientists believe that if a person can manage to multitask then they are using their brain in the most efficient way.

Different tasks were designed to rate the brain activity and electroencephalogram machine was also used to map the brain readings. Participants were brought to the test center and they had to sit in front of the computer screen. The participants were shown a square in the middle of the screen and in the lightening moment, a second square will pop anywhere on the screen and the participants had to tell the exact position with respect to the middle one. Gamers group pass the test with the flying colors and they even mocked the test as they anticipate these kinds of quick flashes in their games and act accordingly. However, the non-gamer group had faced the difficulty at first because the popping was unusual and they had never experienced this kind of quick test. Their brain was not able to process the information quickly. After the initial results, non-gamers group had to play the league of legends for almost an hour and take the screen test again. In a league of legends, they saw a similar sudden pattern movement as enemies attacked from unexpected places and after one death their brain started to read the situation and acted to save life. After the one hour gaming, results were shocking as the non-gamers were almost equal to the gamers and there was not a huge score gap difference like before. EEG machine clearly confirms the increased growth of brain activity and we can say that non-gamers can compete for the gamers, not at some level.

The results were a shocker as the comparison margin was so slim. We can say that non-gamers had the potential but they were not looking to play the games and when the opportunity arrived, their brain cell automatically adjusted the performance according to the game. The study was carried out on just 29 people, so, there is a chance of error. However, EEG machine clearly backs the statement that gaming can improve the brain activity and picking powers of a person.

Our education systems are so tough these days that the person who lacks focus can never survive the harsh environment. If you want to complete the studies you need to stay focused on the only goal and that is study. While playing video games like PUBG and Call of duty, we often neglect the small graphics changes but rather focus on the enemies. The process of indulging in fights with only enemies and filtering out the other graphic details like background, grass, river, and sky is helping the brain from overloading the sensory information and process only the important ones.

So, scientists claim that gamers have a special ability. They can find a person in the crowd or drive the car through traffic much efficiently than the non-gamers. So, the clues are there and scientists only unveiled the facts using the visual attention. When you are playing the game, you are listening through the headphones, your left hand will be on the keyboard and right hand will be the mouse. The eyes will be glued to the screen waiting for the enemy to pop-ou or make the slightest of the move. Whenever the enemy gets spotted, all the nerves start to work simultaneously to finish off the enemy. So, in gaming we are doing multitasking at its best and that the very reason that proves that gaming can increase brain growth and can help the person to stay focused on one aim.

So for the maximum benefit, we need to make the place for both gaming and healthy exercise routine. In this way, we can take care of both the mind and the body.

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