Witcher 3 Turning into a TV show

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is a fantastic role-playing game where the main character with his horse travels the countryside and fight of the evil creatures. The story progresses with a different scenario and each scenario carried out based on the choices that you make. You can look at the map to go to the mission or complete the side quests to earn the resources. The gameplay is supported perfectly with the impeccable graphics and audio effects. After the huge popularity of the game and the book, the Witcher is set to air on Netflix as a proper TV show starring Henry Cavill, or beloved Superman. The game has so much to offer that gamer’s heads are spinning about thinking which side quests or missions will be translated into full-fledged episodes. A lot of assumptions are made and rightly so that the show will be based heavily on the book rather than the game. However, the side quests of the game are offering great storyline and overall theme that it would be really hard for the writers and Director to ignore the part randomly. We have created a list of the quests that are likely to be included in the TV show.

Wild at Heart

For the lovers of a great detective story, side quest of Witcher 3, wild at heart, can be a really intriguing story. All the characters and ambiance of the environment is perfect for a great detective story. The quest has got all the key elements that are vital for any detective story. The elements include a person missing from the neighborhood, a person with a dual identity, a suspicious murder, and a shaking secret. The story progresses with the Geralt tasked with the mission to find out the missing wife of the man living in the village that went out in the woods and never came back. The case quickly turns from an ordinary missing person case to a supernatural activity where the main character got himself tangled in a werewolf fight, a secret lover, and many difficult choices. Without spoiling all the plot, Wild at heart offers a remarkable theme for the show that wanted to carry on the legacy of the great witcher and his quests throughout his journey.

Eldberg Phantom

The TV could progress with different scenarios for each episode so if wild at heart is a detective story then Edberg’s Phantom could give you the goosebumps as a horror thriller. The quest is on an abandoned island. The cursed island has devoured many ships and the remains are still there. The haunted lighthouse and low lighting are the perfect setups for any horror story. The main character, Geralt, was hired to take care of the ghost of the lighthouse so the lighthouse keeper could continue his job instead of living in a hut. Geralt has to exorcize the ghost but in order to do that; he must find all the truths behind the haunted place and the ghost. The background check provides a great storyline for the director if he wanted to turn the quest into a reality TV show. The episodes can be divided into different genres and the Eldberg Phantom surely fulfills the quota of horror genre if executed perfectly.

Fake Witcher

The witchers are not portrayed as respective men either in the game or in the story. The people think of them as freaks and outcast and they do not want to extend any sort of relationship with them. People are neglecting the services of the witchers that they provide, risking their own necks, and killing the supernatural creatures that would have killed all the village people. Adding salt to the wound, there is a quest about some impersonator that has been ripping off people claiming to be the witcher and the slayer of many supernatural creatures. So, Geralt had to track down the impersonator and stop him before he fools any other people. The episode can fun to watch as the impersonator is going to get his ass kicked and Geralt get to clear the name of his kind for the scams carried out by the impersonator.


The possession quest is so perfect and ruthless that it would be wrong to spoil the quest here. Getting to the main theme, the quest has a demon who feeds off from the trauma or bad memories of the men that they suffered in their childhood. The demon only feeds off from the man of great power to carry out his evil plans but I don’t want to spoil all the fun parts as this quest is the most memorable part of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and many people are still talking about it. The plot twist thickens with the wrong choices made at the critical points in the game but Netflix can surely improvise and portray the scene in a different way without tarnishing the beauty of the scene. As compared to the in-game quest, if the scene is carried out perfectly, it will become an episode to remember in the future days of the show.

Carnal Sins

In carnal sins quest, Geralt finds himself chasing behind the serial killer who used to perform surgeries on his victims. The quest has pretty much everything to offer like the wild chase, gore and horror scenes, the accidental scene where Geralt stumbled into a brothel, and many more. The story progresses with almost everyone as a suspect and the killer never reveal himself until the final showdown. The scenes are so intense that even gamers get confused about the killer and accuse the wrong person much time. It would be fun to watch a complete episode inspired by the Carnal Sins as the quest is just perfect for any TV show.

All these quests are the general ideas about how the TV show is going to look. Maybe no quest will be shown on the TV or maybe all of them are shown. No one knows. So, keep guessing and anxiously wait for the TV show to be aired.

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