PS5 takeover and latest games to look out for

Play station 4 has been ruling the gaming industry for a while now and people are going crazy to play the latest games. Sales of the PS4 were never disappointing and more gamers are going with the option of buying PS4 to play their favorite games. Fortnite and Apex Legends can be considered as the key games for the exponential growth of the PS4 and love for the console gaming. Streamers played their part exceptionally in promoting the console games and creating the deserving hype of the play station 4. People are getting comfortable with the PS4 but Sony has something else in mind. Sony recently has given the hints of next-gen gaming console, PS5, which will be hitting the market pretty soon. So, it is recommended to not get too attached as the company might be surprising all of you in the near future. The gamers will be expecting a much faster and sophisticated console. In the crunch time like this, we decided to look out for the list of games that might be available on the PS5 as the sequels of the current games. The games are currently running on the PS4 but the sequels are expected to launch exclusively for the PS5 to create the hype and get the justified attention. There is a faction of gamers that are expecting the sequels for the PS4 but with the announcement of Sony officials, it is highly unlikely that any of the mentioned games sequels will be launching on PS4.

God of War 2

God of War was one the highest selling game and a complete mix of mystery and action-packed gaming. The game was exclusively released for the consoles and reached the glory within no time. The adventures of Dad and a Boy were excellent with remarkable graphics and amazing storyline. There are no official announcements yet from Cory Balrog about the release of the sequel for the next-gen PS5. However, there are bright chances that the game developers would like to take the next part of the game on the brand new consoles to support the next-gen graphics and storyline. Some rumors are also coming to the surface that Sony Santa Monica is cooking something with the team of God of War on the expected release. The rumors can be justified to some extent because Sony earned a whooping sum through the God of War 1 and the exceptional response from the gamers might intrigue the interests of Sony and GoW together. The sequel of God of War can be a great start for the PS5 and its future.

Bloodborne 2

The horror genre games are always liked by gamers for the intensity and aggressive game style. Bloodborne is one it’s finest of the horror gaming genre with the perfect blend of frightening and terror survival game. The levels of the game are so hard that you can never clear the mission at the first go. Boss battle feature is one of the most popular concepts that challenges gamers even more. For the game, so epic and interesting, it is a shock that we haven’t seen any sequel yet. With the news of PS5, it can be possible that Sony might want to segregate the niche by adding the Bloodborne 2 into the upcoming launch of the games for the PS5. If the sequel does happen, then it can be a happy sign for all the horror games lovers to enjoy their favorite genre on the next-gen console.


Uncharted series has always been famous among the console gamers. The story of Nathan Drake adventures and progression through the game are the highlights of the Uncharted series. Although the story ended in the Uncharted 4 and that was a perfect end for the perfect game. However, a game like Uncharted does not need to rely on the characters like Nathan Drake and the game can come back to life with a different story and different characters. The Drake character is pretty insane but it does not mean an end to the whole franchise. The Uncharted has a lot to offer and with the launch news of PS5, it would be an optimal time for the game developers to get started on the Uncharted 5 series.

Horizon Zero Dawn

The game took the world by storm with extremely poised graphics and perfect open world adventure. In 2017 the game made its mark on the gaming community with the exceptional storyline and open world realization feature. It would not be that far stretched to expect a sequel as the game can offer more exploration. The game was hugely appreciated for its visuals and graphics, and now imagine the next sequel on the console laced with cutting edge technology. Some Rumors are circulating about the sequel but they are not from any authentic source. So if the Guerrilla Games has not started the development, they need to consider it as PS5 is going to be huge in the coming year.

Spiderman 2

The game is not as hyped as rest of the mentioned games but the sequel could add the flavor to the PS5 games. The graphics were pretty neat and the roaming freely in the street of New York and catching the bad guys was really fun. But let’s assume the same theme with ultra HD graphics on the next-gen console. Isn’t that sound cool? The game took an awful lot of time in loading on PS4 so it is expected that the PS5 will run the next version a lot smoother and attract the gamers back to casual gaming style. Introduction of the seasoned villains from the Spiderman movie could really tip the scales in favor of the sequel game.

With all the exceptional games, 2019 can be an anxious year for the console gamers as they will be waiting impatiently for the launch of PS5 and their favorite games sequels. PS5 will be having a lot of expectations and the responsibility is on the shoulders of Sony now to keep up the good name of Play stations.

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