Days Gone

Days gone is among the most anticipated games ok 2019. it was released on 26ht April 2019 by SIE Bend studio and Sony Interactive Entertainment. This long-awaited PS4 exclusive is finally released. From the looks of it, most critics do not look very excited. According to most critics, they don’t feel that this game is not on the higher quality caliber as compared to the other Sony exclusives i.e. God of War. It might be that our expectations were too high but most people still have fun with Days Gone.  To be completely honest this game is completely standard if you have played any single player games in the last couple of years, Days Gone takes a lot of element and stuff that you might have seen before in one game or another.

In some critic’s opinion Days Gone feels like a jack of all trades and master of none. In Days Gone there are bandit camps you need to clear out through simple stealth hiding in bushes and running and gunning, collecting supplies along your way. You get a giant open map which is filled with quests and side quests to keep you busy for a really long time. a little bit of hunting and a few survival elements, off course there are a lot of zombies. Days Gone is not the first game to have this type of formula in a single player game. Some people are going to be a little disappointed, some might want a bit more or a little bit of unique experience. None the less you can still have fun.

Pros and Shortcomings

As you start the game, your player is a biker named Deacon St. John and it Is two years after a big crisis where America is in chaos, overrun by the zombies. Now zombies shown in the game are smarter and more tended towards animalistic tendencies, they also feed rest and hibernate. No, this is a weird concept for a zombie. Now your character Deacon has to survive in this Pacific Northwest that feels massive it is up to him to survive and fight off some remaining human bandits in this new wasteland. The ultimate goal is to survive and get to the bottom of things while dealing with personal love interests.

They have put a lot of work and time into the story. Their hard work can be seen in the main cut scenes and presentation. The cut scenes are frequent and entertaining at the same time, you will find yourself submerged into the storyline and have a great time.

If you talk about gameplay, you are basically exploring, gunning and collecting supplies while fighting the bandits and zombies. You will find yourself picking up crates and crafting stuff like smoke bombs, traps and Molotov cocktails to burn down zombie nests.

Let’s talk about the biggest issue with the game, the stealth and the combat. You find yourself liking the combat, its simple and it gets better when you upgrade it with extra hits, its simple like one hit button but the feedback and the animations are incredibly satisfying. But some people might find the other stuff slightly boring, there have been plenty of other games with this type of stealth like marking your target, distract them by throwing a stone and kill them one by one. The amazing thing is you have tools at your dispose land you can lure zombies to do some of the fightings, how cool is that?

Shooting is pretty standard it’s over the shoulder, you can aim with one trigger and shoot with the other one, it just does not feel good. It does get better when you upgrade your weapons and recoil with skills. There are different types of zombies like a creepy kid that only fight when provoked, and ravenous animals like cougars and these badass evil parrots. Days Gone gives you a lot of options when it comes to explosives. You get plenty of throwable grenades, explosive barrels, and gas canisters to shoot and blow up. You are going to need all those explosives that when you face against the hordes, these are huge swarms of zombies that are pilling over one another.

Days Gone starts of rough and gets better as you proceed along and get cooler equipment. Your character Deacon has a motorcycle is the most unique aspect the game has gone for and its actually pretty fun. It’s your mode of transport and it controls like arcade style, it slides and drifts around however you would like. it looks really cool, and they did a great job with the feel of the character moving shifting weight with the bike. On a more realistic side, you need to repair and upkeep your bike and most importantly keep track of fuel. It might be tedious for some people but it’s the mechanic that you will enjoy, you don’t have to go far if you run out of fuel and stuff. Riding around on the bike feels great and it’s my favorite aspect of the game.

There are a lot of zombie nests and bandit camps, each camp and nest have different variations and different aspect. In Days Gone everything you do feels like it adds to something meaningful like killing zombies to cash in their bounties and get extra cash to score new upgrades and make your bike better. You can get a cool paint job or new bags to accommodate ammo but you are also working through with three different branches of the skill tree, and they all feel really meaningful as you unlock them.

Final verdict

With all being said, I strongly believe with almost every flaw is with this game, there is something worth seeing and some good fun factor causing explosions is cool, riding your motorcycle is really fun and experiencing the world and the character I think is worthwhile.  You cannot pinpoint it but despite some of its flaws, it is a really fun game.

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