Far Cry New Dawn

If you are a big fan of Far Cry, well there is good news for you. Far Cry New Dawn is here, basically, you can say that Far Cry 5 is back. It’s like post-apocalyptic than ever since it is being spoiled everywhere. Now at one of the endings of Far Cry 5, the world faces nuclear holocaust and Far Cry New Dawn picks up 17 years after the nuclear destruction.

There are tons of post-apocalyptic games out there in the market, but Far Cry feels kind of unique and not just another post-apocalyptic game. There might be a problem for some people, some might say that this is just Far Cry 5 with a few tweaks. You must keep in mind that this is a lower priced spinoff game and honestly speaking it kind of feel like an expansion pack of Far Cry 5, but there are changes and tweaks that take the game to a whole different level. Mostly a fairly deep base upgrade system and more RPG elements like damage ratings and damage numbers when you shoot your enemies that right there is a big change for the series it changes the flow of the game.

How it feels compared to Far Cry 5

Far Cry New Dawn feels a lot like its predecessor Far Cry 5 like we discussed earlier. A lot of players was satisfied with Far Cry 5 ending. Moment to moment gameplay, capturing outposts shooting enemies, bow and arrow hunting, I personally find myself bored a bit, but it all depends upon taste. I have talked to multiple gamers and they found it interesting, they finished Far Cry 5 and wanted more. I all depend on your taste, but systematic changes here that aren’t moment to moment gameplay are still worth taking a look at even if you are an average Far Cry fan. I personally love these games but I want a bigger and better refresh next time.

Far Cry New Dawn

The game starts in the southern part of the map. This map feels a little smaller than the Far Cry 5 and feels like its squeezed into the middle of it that’s what you feel like you work your way up the map this time around while capturing gear and stuff along the way. You roam the map finding allies and taking back the home country from the enemy force known as the highwayman. The slay RPG systems work it feels like there’s plenty of perks to upgrade multiple times to make your character stronger that is, of course, similar to its predecessor Far Cry 5. In Far Cry, New Dawn upgrading your home base to give you benefits is really amazing. Taking out outpost Nets your ethanol resources that you can spend to upgrade individual branches of the base from infirmary to the training camp.

 You see your base grown in front of you physically and you also get benefits from it. You get extra health, the ability to craft higher level weapons. Weapons crafting is a difficult task, you have to find special areas with really good stuff, opening and scavenging the stuff. Far Cry New Dawn makes you work to get better weapons. Unlike Far Cry 5, weapons are color coded and marked 1,2 or 3 levels, enemies at harder areas (north or east) have bigger health bars making them harder to kill. To kill enemies with bigger health bars you need to have a weapon with higher damage ratings to quickly and swiftly get rid of your enemies.

It’s almost in danger of making you feel like you have less freedom in the game. Parachuting into an extremely hostile hard area and fighting your way out of it gives you an amazing feeling.

Far Cry New Dawn still forces you to get objectives while you explore the map, which in my opinion is an interesting thing to carry on from Far Cry 5. Don’t get me wrong, exploring is still pretty exciting, you get to experience the change of environment. You come across the old landmarks that were in Far Cry 5 but destroyed in Nuclear holocaust, makes your exploration fun and interesting with a little bit of nostalgia. When you see the town of Falls, it could be disheartening. Also taking back the mountain where the Joseph seed statue was kind of exciting. Once the game starts to unwind the story you will see how it connects directly to Far Cry 5, I bet you would be amazed to see how it pans out. Just seeing what happened to the cult, and all the doomsday peppers and just the areas will string you along.

The story link between Far Cry 5 and Far Cry New Dawn is the most interesting thing. The gang to highwaymen is led by twin sisters that you might have seen on the cover of this game. Just like every other Far Cry Game villains are very well acted and pretty interesting to experience. There are also some irradiated areas and some mutated animals due to nuclear radiations, they are a nice spin on the normal post-apocalyptic world. now you get a lot more play out of the outpost, when you take them over you get resources over time or take some of them and then let outpost be taken over by highwaymen, you can tackle the outpost again and face the higher difficulty level.

Some of the best level and encounter design in the game is here, and you can do co-op with a friend it works almost the same as in Far Cry 5 which for some people was not ideal but it is still fun to do. As we discussed earlier it’s pretty much based on Far Cry 5, we have given you some of our opinions and pros and cons of this game. You can experience it yourself and enjoy the game.

System requirement (Minimum)

  • Intel i5 or AMD FX-6350
  • 8GB RAM
  • 30GB free disk
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670 or AMD R9 270
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